How to Fix your Direction/facing with your compass
  • First off you needd to have your compass drawn, and you need to check your direction.
  • You want a direction that is divisible by 45, for example. 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, or 360.
  • your standard cardnal directions are east at 90 degrees, south at 180 degrees, west at 270 degrees, and north at 360 or 0 degrees.
  • if you are not able to face one of these cardnal directions the game will be very difficult to play. for example, if you are facing north at 10 degrees, every time you step north you will also be going 11 degrees east.
  • The way to fix this is to check direction, then if you are facing a goofy direction use control + shift + either left or right arrow to turn a small amount in that direction
  • This is a very touchy way to turn, and it can be frustrating to try to zero yourself back in to a cardnal direction.
  • After you have yourself facing a true direction then you don't ever want to use control + shift to turn again, and you need to make sure Mouse Turning is disabled in the options menue.
  • Only use shift + left or shift + right arrow to turn 45 degrees at a time, or shift + up or shift + down arrow to do an about face and turn 180 degrees.