how to get metal from the campground fence
  • The first thing you need to do is find your way to the campground
  • Once at the campground locate the fence and go to it. you can do this by tracking it on the K menu.
  • while facing the fence you need to jump and time your jump so when at the top of it you press up arrow and move one tile towards the fence.
  • if you move forward too soon or too late you will just bounce off the fence.
  • The reason for this is because the fence is 3 tiles tall, and your jump is 5 tiles tall. so you need to press the arrow when you are at the top of your jump above the fence to land on top of it when you are coming down from your jump.
  • when you land on top of the fence it will not make a landing noise. you can use your camera to make sure you landed on top, or just simply hit space with an empty hand.
  • when on top of the fence you can hit space and collect metal.
  • Note: the fence is 3 tiles tall and the only way to get down is to fall off it. this will take away health.
  • Note: to jump over the fence jump and if facing the fence, hit up arrow as fast as you can until you land on the other side.