How to use a Firestarter
  • A fire starter is good if you don't have wood or branches to start a fire. they will ignite a small weak fire on certain tiles you can then build up using flammable items.
  • If you are standing on a dry surface that is flammable, such as: grass, weeds, leaves, dirt, or gravel, you can use one.
  • To use the fire starter, just draw it in either your left or right hand, then hit space when standing on a tile it will work on.
  • It will make a small fire you need to then build up with items from your inventory to make it stronger.
  • To drop items into the fire and build it up you need to be standing on the same tile as the fire. So it is straight in front 0 tiles away. Then hit backspace and or delete on the item you want to drop out of your inventory and into the fire.
  • If you drop something like water, a watch, or metal it will make a sizzeling sound. those items will put out a fire, not build it up.
  • If you just want to cook a couple fish or rabbits then a fire of 500 is more than enough, just keep an eye on it and don't let it go out.