Beginner's Arrow Recipie
  • Before we get into the recipie, when this recipie refers to combining two things, this refers to putting two items together to make a new one. This is acomplished by putting the items in your hands, then pressing T. this is the combine key, and will make them into a new item.
  • The first step is to combine a knife with a branch, this will give you 1 arrow shaft.
  • Next you are going to need to add notches to each end. To do this you need to combine knife with arrow shaft. You will have to press T a couple times to complete the notching process.
  • Now you need to make your arrow head. To do this you combine flint with stone to nap out an arrow head.
  • You will need to press T multiple times, and you will not have a 100% chance of success when making an arrow head. If the flint breaks then you just need to get a new piece of flint and combine it with stone to repeat the process.
  • Once you have your arrow head you need to combine it with the notched arrow shaft, this will give you 1 *arrow.