Beginner's Compass Recipie
  • Before we get into the recipie, when this recipie refers to combining two things, this refers to putting two items together to make a new one. This is acomplished by putting the items in your hands, then pressing T. This is the combine key, and will make them into a new item.
  • First you need to combine Clay with an Empty Hand. This will make a Dipped Bowl. Do this by putting Clay in one hand while having nothing in the other and pressing T. You will need 2 Dipped Bowls so do this process two times.
  • After you have your 2 Dipped Bowl, combine one of them with Water by putting Water in one hand and a Dipped Bowl in the other and hitting T again. This will make a Filled Dipped Bowl.
  • Then you need to combine Metal with a Leaf, once again using T to combine the items when they are in your hands. Combining the Metal and a Leaf will make a Direction Finder.
  • Metal is found in the Old Abandoned Campground, you get it from atop the fence. Leaves can be found on the Mainland north of the weed patch.
  • Combine your Direction Finder with your Filled Dipped Bowl. This will make a Broken Compass
  • The last step is to combine your Broken Compass with the second Dipped Bowl you made in the first step. This will make you a *Compass.