Beginner's Towell Recipie
  • Before we get into the recipie, when this recipie refers to combining two things, this refers to putting two items together to make a new one. This is acomplished by putting the items in your hands, then pressing T. this is the combine key, and will make them into a new item.
  • To make a Towel, you need 2 Rabbit Skin, and you get those from Dead Rabbits which you have to hunt and kill.
  • Combine a Dead Rabbit with a Knife, this will produce a Gutted Rabbit. Since you need 2 Rabbit Skins repeat this process to make 2 Gutted Rabbits.
  • Next Combine Knife with Gutted Rabbit, This will make 2 things. First is the Rabbit Skin which you need to make the Towel, but also a Raw Rabbit. Again repeat this process so you have 2 Rabbit Skin.
  • Now you combine your 2 Rabbit Skin Together, Rabbit Skin + Rabbit Skin. This will make a Nasty Crincled Towel.
  • Then combine the Nasty Crincled Towel with an empty hand, this will make it a Crincled Towel.
  • Now you need to draw the Crincled Towel and hit space to turn it into a *Towel.
  • for example in your inventory hit left arrow on the Crincled Towel, this puts it on your left side. Then press 1 on your number row to draw what is on your left side in your left hand. Then all you need to do is hit Space to turn it into a *Towel.