text directions for crossing east to west over the top
  1. go to the climb starts here
  2. climb up
  3. go 10 steps west, then climb up
  4. go 5 steps west, then climb up
  5. take 4 steps forward, then there is a gap that is 2 tiles wide, so jump 3, then go 3 tiles east and climb up.
  6. go 5 steps west then climb up.
  7. go west 15 steps, then climb up
  8. go west 25 steps then climb up.
  9. go west 6 steps, then climb up.
  10. go 2 steps west then climb down.
  11. go west 2 steps, then climb up.
  12. take 3 steps west, then there is a gap of 1 tile, so jump 2. then go west 15 steps and climb up.
  13. when you climb up here you will not be able to go forward, jump and go forward 2, then go west 13 tiles and climb up.
  14. you are on the top, now go west 50 tiles and climb down.
  15. go west 25 tiles and climb down. actual width of this level is 26, but you need to go 25 to climb down.
  16. take 3 steps east, yes, east, there is a gap of 1 tile, so jump 2 east. then climb down.
  17. go west 5 tiles, then climb down.
  18. go west 15 tiles then climb down. stop climbing when you step on the first stone tile. take 1 step west, then climb up to the highest stone tile. now there is a gap directly west, it is 2 tiles, so you need to jump 3.
  19. NOTE: you are actually 2 tiles higher than where you will be landing. if you want to see where you will be landing use your camera to go 3 tiles west and 2 down.
  20. after jumping 3 tiles step 1 west and climb down.
  21. go west 5 steps and climb down.
  22. go west 5 steps and climb down.
  23. go west 10 steps and climb down.
  24. go west 5 steps and climb down.
  25. this is the bottom, go west to get to the mainland.