text directions for crossing west to east through the cave
  1. go to the climb starts here, climb up.
  2. go east 5 steps and climb up.
  3. go east 10 steps and climb up.
  4. go east 5 steps and climb up.
  5. go east 5 steps and climb up.
  6. travel east 1 step, there is a gap of 2 tiles here so jump and go 3 east. after the jump start hitting page down to climb down into the cave.
  7. once at the bottom travel all the way through the cave to the east. when close to the cave border go to the 2nd row of stone tiles and start to climb up to the top.
  8. then use your camera to see how far from the gap you are. it should be 2 steps east. make sure you are on the highest stone tile. you are at a gap of 2 tiles, so jump 3 east. after jumping go 4 steps east then down.
  9. go 5 steps east then down.
  10. go 10 east then down.
  11. you are at the bottom.