Using the Core Exiles Data Repository

This is a very important part of the game, you simply cannot play without being able to use this resource. This is how you find out what all equipment in the game does, what you need to use it, all the requirements, and everything relating to it. Not knowing that information would mean you cannot ever upgrade your equipment and advance in the game. It is straight forward as is the rest of the table systems in core-exiles, but nevertheless I'll lay it out just in case someone is having difficulty understanding how it is laid out.

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The basic CEDR Page Layout

The first thing you will see is a list of links right at the top of the page.

These are all the categories you can view equipment and items for. Clicking on one of these will load all the items for that category, but at first showing only the top 25 items, more on that in the section about the CEDR Table.

Under the list you will see this text, it is just a little write up on what the CEDR is with a link to exit at the end of it.

CE - Data Repository

Welcome to the Core-Exiles Data Repository (CEDR). This is an up to date view of many of the items currently within the CE environment. Please choose a
selection from one of the above topics.

Please note: Whilst this data repository holds information on a large percentage of the items in game it is NOT a definitive guide and should not be treated
as such. You should look for fan sites and converse with other players to glean information that may not be held within.
Link Exit CE Data Repository

The CEDR Table

After you click on a category, just for example's sake I'll say the weapons category. After clicking on a category make sure you let the page load before trying to navigate in it.

This page has two forms options, the first 2 from the top are a combo box to choose how many items you want to see at once. I always choose to show all. The other option is a search feature, if you choose to manually type in a search and not paste something in. Type slow, this is because it searches as you type, and if you type too fast not all of your keystrokes will be sent to the edit box and you won't find anything. I find it allot easier to just show all instead of 25, then use my Jaws find to search what I want in the table.

The table headers are also sortable, this means you can click on one of them to sort the entire list by that table header. For example if you click on skill it will sort it by min skill to max skill, if you click on it again after that it will sort it from highest skill to lowest.

the table headers in order are:
Weapon Name, Type, Skill, Dmg Max, Energy, Level, Availability, Info.

Each category, weapons, cargo expanders, specials, they all have their own table headings so it isn't worth writing an explanation for them all. Just realize that the last column is info, in that column is a button which will load all the information for the item in that row. After you exit the info page it will reset your table and you will have to re sort, search or view all.

The best information I can give anyone is to read and look at many items in as many categories as you can. Get use to what is in the game and what you can use. Don't expect to fully memorize it all, but at least plant the seeds for what is in the game and available for the future.