Built in Core-Exiles Help Topics

This is an attempt to bring together some different built in help resources. Hopefully this will allow you to explore different things on your own using the help files that come with the game.

Core-Exiles Wiki Main Page

This is full of loads and loads of information that will help you and prevent you from getting lost in the game. There is loads and loads of information here, you can just do a search and you will be brought up a page of all sorts of results. There are some pages which are useful for us in general since we can't use the map. Stuff like fuel depot locations, asteroids, refineries, and other things you would use the map for.

The Help Icons on most pages

On nearly every core-exiles page you will find a link called "help". Clicking on this link will give you some information about the page you are currently on, and hopefully let you know how to acomplish what ever it is you are trying to do.

Core-Exiles Pictorial Guides

Yes you may be wondering why there are guides with pictures listed here. Well even though they are pictorial guides, they still contain plenty of text which is very useful. Just realize some of the guides will refer to things you see with eye balls. With some logic you can figure out what they are talking about however. Clicking on the heading for this section will bring you to the original posting listing the guides.

Core-Exiles Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great resource where you can view all sorts of questions people have submitted, and read the answers. It is easy to navigate, just jump by heading. Under the search field there is a listing of different categories you can sort questions by.

The Primer Section Of The Forums

This is also a good resource, though it can be a bit outdated depending on how far back you go into the posts. Make sure you check the dates when reading a guide. Also the forums use PHPBB so navigation can be a bit tricky. The quickest way is to jump by unvisited links, or to open up a list of all links and navigate that way.

Development Posts On The Core-Exiles Forums

This is also a good resource to read about stuff that may not even apply to you right now. It will allow you to see how the progression of CE has happened and hopefully plant the seed in your head for stuff to come even if you aren't to that point in your game career yet.