about Black Screen Gaming

Back before there was a thought of having a personal website, or a name, there was a small group of us. Our only intentions were to do livestreams of the audio game Survive The Wild. We first started streaming using Twitch.tv to host our live streams, but there were accessibility and access issues for many listeners. That was when we started to look into alternitive platforms to host, and bring content out to everyone.

We started looking into youtube, but we found it also has its draw backs. Then the idea for a website was born, and here you find yourself on said website now. Now the plan isn't to just bring recordings and live streams of Survive The Wild, but to expand into other games that interest us. And not just live streams, but other helpful and useful content related to different games to enrich everyone's playing experience.

If anyone has listened to one of our past livestreams then they know we aren't your normal cookie cutter team. We like having a couple drinks while we are live, and enjoying ourselves. Our intentions aren't just to educate or bring information to someone about certain audio games, there are plenty of other resources for such things. Instead we mix entertainment and information in a highbread form, hoping to keep you laughing while maybe even learning a thing or two. Here you can find informational pages on how to do things in games with audio clips, and livestreams of us drinking and having a good time enjoying audio games.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and keep coming back. This site is still in it's baby stages, and will be under constant development and updating to ensure we bring you the best content and resources possible.