Necromancer Equipment Locations

Below you'll find a table with nearly all of the necro equipment which is useful on the first three islands. There is some equipment from the mainland, but it is still in the level 30 range. All of this is as accurate as possible, but there is always the potential for mistakes. If you find any you can use the contact page here on BSG to let Smoke know, or contact Fumo/Shakira/Holliday in Alter.

Item NameLevel RequirementCast BoostMana RegenWear LocationLoad Location
Grimmaths Canelevel 1+10 regenwieldPellam Cemetery Crypts
Sparkling black gloveslevel 10+10 regenhandsVemarken
A ring with a green stonelevel 11+10.5 regenfinger (hum)Village of Bandera Azul
a black demon tattoolevel 11+11.0 regenarmsGrumditch and Kentwig copper mine
rattling bone necklacelevel13+11.0 regenneck (hum)Gnomian Village Mole Tunnels
white sceptrelevel 13+10 regenholdThe lost outpost
a necklace of imp fangslevel 13+10 regenneckpetrified Dragon
a spectral gounlevel 13+10.5 regenon bodyPetrefied Dragon
skeletal carapacelevel 13+11.0 regenarmsKordan haunted hills
gruesome leggings of interwoven human boneslevel 15+12.0 regenlegsThe Haunted Crypts
a pitch-black longsword that flames brightlylevel 15+12.0 regenwieldThalos graveyard catacombs
Dark Black Capelevel 15+11.5 regenneckThalos graveyard catacombs
ring of the netherworldlevel 16+10.5 regenfingerThe underground city of Runn-Khal
soultrapper rodlevel 16+12.0 regenholdimp infested caverns
blood red cloaklevel 17+11.5 regenabout bodyMaze of the black minotaur
imp skull masklevel 17+11.0 regenheadThe Gorro's Nose
Belt of human fleshlevel 18+10 regenwaistThe Caves of Mendelius
crimson red sashlevel 18+10.5 regenwaistThe Caves of Mendelius
crimsin red bootslevel 18+10.5 regenfeetThe Caves of Mendelius
set of jet black robeslevel 18+11.0 regenon & about bodyThe Caves of Mendelius
Moonstone braceletlevel 19+11.0 regenwristCargo ships near Archais Archipelago
'the staff of dark magiclevel 19+11.0 regenwieldCargo ships near Archais Archipelago
blood stone amuletlevel 19+12.0 regenneckSouthern Pleiad
pair of blood red gloveslevel 19+11.0 regenhandsnorthern Pleiad islands
hooded blood red robelevel 19+11.0 regenon bodynorthern Pleiad islands
ring of lustrous obsidianlevel 20+12.0 regenfingersHidden passages under Northshore
black moonstone ringlevel 20+12.0 regenfingersSeaside
death masklevel 20+12.5 regenheadInner areas for archais archipelago
starfish pendantlevel 21 tot 68+13.0 regenneckMagnolia Hill
twisted bone staff inset with a blood red gemlevel 21+10.5 regenwieldInner areas for archais archipelago
set of bone mail vambraceslevel 22+11.5 regenarmsSkull Caverns
Belt of lost soulslevel 22+12.5 regenwaistGads sewers
black moonstone necklacelevel 24+12.0 regenneckThe caverns of Luckleaf
blood runed girtellevel 25+11.5 regenwaistThe Mansion of Darsakius
skeletal hand bracerslevel 26+12.5 regenwristThe fetid Caves of Pestilence
pitted bone staff set with a glowing green gemlevel 26+22.5 regenwieldamber forest
flowing rune-edged black robelevel 26+12.0 regenon and about bodyThe dwarven stronghold of Runn-Faru
black velvet slipperslevel 27+11.5 regenfeetThe Svirfneblin ruins
belt of necromantic powerlevel 29 tot 113+13.5 regenwaistSkaven lair