(may be postponed) Friday, April 23: 8:00pm eastern

Patreon game night

Games: little exam, citadels, & 99

Note: Testing not going for two hours, instead a more fluid schedule based on games played.

Streamers & Patreons.

Saturday, April 24: 4:30pm eastern

Bsg Live Stream

Game: Slay The Spire

Streamers: Smoke & TBA

Sunday, April 25: 4:30pm eastern

BSG Book Club

Legionary by Gordon Doherty

(No stream on easter weekend)Saturday, April 3

Bsg Live Stream

stream: N/A

Streamers: N/A

(Canceled due to a family emergency) Saturday, April 10: 4:30pm eastern

Bsg Live Stream

Game: Slay The Spire

Streamers: Smoke & Hannibal

(done) Saturday, April 17: 4:30pm eastern

Bsg Live Stream

Game: Crazy Party & competition giveaway

Streamers: Hannibal

The mailing list

The old mailing list has been abanndoned, the interface became completely unaccessible. You can register on the blog and in doing so you will be signed up for the new mailing list.

Visit the registration page for the BSG Blog

Support on Patreon to keep the lights on

If you enjoy BSG and what we bring, then could you Please consider supporting us on Patreon? The last thing I want to do is put up adds on the site, so instead there is a BSG Patreon page. even if you can only do one dollar a month it will help, I really do mean that. There are also perks for different tiers of Patreon supporters, like having your name on a bsg page.

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