Saturday, August 6: 4:30pm eastern

Game: World of Warcraft TBC Classic

Streamers: Smoke & Hannibal

Description: Smoke has been getting a lot of questions about the game, so it is time to stream it.

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Saturday, August 13: 4:30pm eastern

Game: As Dusk Falls

Streamers: Smoke & Hannibal

Description: It has been all the rrage in the blind community for the accessibility features, so it is time for Smoke & Hannibal to play it together.

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Friday, August 19: 8:00pm eastern

Patreon game night

Games: Little Exam, quiz party or 99, maybe Uno on RS

Streamers & Patreons.

Description: the highlight of the month. Streamers and patreons get together for some social chaotic gaming.

Saturday, August 20: 4:30pm eastern

Game: TBA

Streamers: Smoke & Hannibal

Description: we may want to stream more As Dusk Falls, or insert something new here.

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Saturday, August 27: 6:30pm eastern

Game: MK11 Koth of Chaos

Streamers: Smoke, Hannibal, and guests

Description: True chaos, way too much alcohol, way too much trash talking, and too much fun, the perfect example of a BSG stream.

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Sunday, August 28: 4:30pm eastern

BSG Book Club

Book: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

The mailing list

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