Warrior Armor Equipment Locations

Below you will find a table listing most of the warrior armor in game. Not all of this has warrior skill, most of it focuses on DR. If you can load up with DR, just taking war skil where you can, then you'll be fine on the first three islands. Once you reach the mainland you'll want to start focusing on warrior skill and DR at the same time though.

Item NameLevelSkill BoostDR and HRWearLoad Location
anything with DRany level+0-+1Any DR, any HRAny placeAnywhere
pair of mithril chainmail bootslevel 10+01 DR, 1 HrfeetThe Eastern Indira Forest
set of mithril chainmail leggingslevel 10+01 DR, 1 HRlegsThe Eastern Indira Forest
mithril chainmail hauberklevel 9+01 DR, 0 HRon bodyThe Eastern Indira Forest
pair of mithril chainmail sleeveslevel 10+01 DR, 1 HRarmsThe Eastern Indira Forest
ring of black stonelevel 11+11 DR, 0 HRfingersGrumditch and Kentwig copper mine
crown of finger boneslevel 12+02DR, 0 HRheadThe old Indira ruins
a gorro ringLevel 12+01 DR, 0 HRheadGocholandia,
coiling serpent bracerlevel 13+01 DR, 1 HRwristGnomian Village Mole Tunnels
ed's pantslevel 15+12 DR, 0 HRlegsNew Thalos Graveyard
sealskin boots, belt, gloveslevel 17+01 DR, 0 HRmultipleThe Gorro's Nose
red raven shieldlevel 9 total 19+01 DR, 1 HRholdstillwater
dark runed crownlevel 15+11 DR, 1 HRheadunderground city of Runn-Khal
Night Forged equipmentLevel 15+01 DR, 1 HRmultipleunderground city of Runn-Khal
war shield of the fallenlevel 16+12 DR, 1 HRholdThe imp infested caverns
Warbands of the minotaurLevel 17+12 DR, 0 HRarmsMaze of the black minotaur
wolverine engraved medallionLevel 18+11 DR 1 HRneckAncestral Island
iron skillet necklaceLevel 19+1unknownNeckUnknown
pair of knee-high black bootsLevel 19+02 DR, 0 HRFeetSeaside
the ring of Areslevel 19+01 DR, 1 HRfingersnorthern Pleiad islands
jet black ring (cursed)Level 20+12 DR, 0 HRFingerSeaside
Belt of the herolevel 20+03 DR, 0 HRwaistSeaside Quest (save the hero)
berserker leggingslevel 20+03 DR, 0 HRlegsArchais Archipelago
bronze gnomish war bootslevel 21 total 67+12 DR, 1 HRfeetWinzigklein the city of the cliff gnomes
'engraved metal bracerLevel 22+11 DR 0 HRWristGads Sewers
blackened bone leggingslevel 22+12 DR, 1 HRlegsskull cavern
ceremonial master's beltlevel 23+11 DR, 1 HRwaistThe Lotus Monastery
arachnid jade ringlevel 23 thief/warrior+02 DR, 2 HRfingersAzeroth Keep
set of dark blue ceremonial robesLevel 24+12 DR 1 HRon bodyFort Magnesia
red and black cloaklevel 24 total 83+11 DR, 1 HRabout bodyThe Village of Iron Bay
brawlers gauntletslevel 25+12 DR 1 HRhandsLoric Memorial Hospital
mastercraft combat beltlevel 26+02 DR, 2 HRwaistMount Jahtaras (quest)
shadowy demon masktotal 88+02 DR, 2 HRheadThe Blackwater Hollows Swamp (quest, kill demon)
jadite breastplatelevel 26+02 DR, 1 HRon bodyArchais Troll Caves
jadite bootsLevel 26+01 DR, 2 HRfeetArchais Troll Caves
copper officer's armguardsLevel 26 total 97+13 DR, 0 HRarmsRalnoth Slums
legendary dwarven braceletlevel 27+02 DR, 2 HRwristThe Town of Dragon Tooth (quest)
fist of the bullyLevel 28+11 DR, 0 HRhandsCloud Academy
the battlemaster's black armorlevel 28+02 DR, 2 HRon bodymonastery of dreams
black leather robelevel 28+03 DR, 0 HRabout bodyMonistary of dreams
Dragon Claw GauntletsLevel 30 (crafted)+03-5 DR, 0 HRhandsCrafted
clogs )crafted)level 0-30+01-5 DR, 0 HRfeetcrafted
jade ankh belttotal 104+12 DR, 0 HRwaistunknown
an enormous bearhideLevel 30 total 118+13 DR, 0 HRabout bodyAsh Mountain Foothills
one of the nijizuishouLevel 30 total 122+12 DR, 2 HRon bodyShifting Dimentional Forest
Radobaj knight's cuirassLevel 31+1N/Aon bodycastle Radobaj
spider runeLevel 31+14 DR, 0 HRwristCastle Dragnok
battleheart talismanLevel 31 total 127+13 DR, 1 HRneckSunken castle, Lufia's Folly
battered iron crownLevel 31 total 128+14 DR, 0 HRheadSunken castle, Lufia's Folly
Michaels belt of strengthLevel 31 total 128+13 DR, 1 HRwaistWhite Tower

Warrior Weapon Listing

Here You will find nearly all the useful warrior weapons on the first three islands, along with a couple from the mainland. It is impossible to say what works best, that depends on your playstyle. A good suggestion is two handed weapons with ground strike and leap in groups, and a nonorm blade with a shield when soloing with combos.

One very important thing to keep in mind with warrior weapons. The roll doesn't always mean it is the best. Nonorm weapons commonly have a smaller damage roll, but overall they do much more damage because they ignore normal saves. Also speed matters when it comes to combos, and how fast you can rip off a big one and stunn your opponent.

Item NameLevelSkill BoostDR and HRDamage Roll & TypeWearLoad Location
bloody broad swordlevel 8+13 DR, 3 HR5-40 hacktwo wieldThe False Temple
Gasher the bloodsteel bladelevel 13+13 DR, 2 HR5-30 slash (hum)wieldThe Lost Outpost
heavily enchanted shortswordtotal 15+00 DR, 3 HR4-32 ice slashwieldThe False Temple
the battleaxe of mightlevel 10+15 DR, 4 HR3-45 slow zapping choptwo wieldThe Eastern Indira Forest
the goblin slayerlevel 10+03 DR, 2 HR3-24 nonorm slicewieldThe old Indira ruins
razor-sharp rainbow obsidian knifelevel 14+07 DR, 2 HR3-33 slow stabwieldGocholandia
the spirit slayerlevel 15+03 DR, 3 HR4-28 nonorm slicewieldThe New Thalos Graveyard
the hammer of darknesslevel 16+13 DR, 3 HR2-40very fast ice crushtwo wieldunderground city of Runn-Khal
black crystal greataxeLevel 17+25 DR, 5 HR3-54 very slow ice nonorm choptwo wieldMaze of the black minotaur
the axe of thunderlevel 19+06 DR, 6 HR3-60 slow zapping choptwo wieldnorthern Pleiad islands
gorro knifelevel 20+010 DR, 5 HR5-40 slow slicetwo wieldThe Gorro's Nose
The Sword of Strengthlevel 20 total 63+15 DR, 0 HR6-36 nonorm slicewieldNurgling Swamp
cold iron broad swordLevel 21 total 67+24 DR, 4 HR8-72 slow slashtwo wieldVernal Aeternum, the Wooded Fortress (quest)
acid smasherlevel 22+27 DR, 5 HR4-72 very slow acidic crushtwo wieldSkul Cavern
the sword of mistlevel 24+27 DR, 7 HR3-60 slowest breath slicetwo wieldThe caverns of Luckleaf
huge two handed spiked clubtotal 73+014 DR, 0 HR3-45 slow crushtwo wieldThe Blackwater Hollows Swamp (quest)
Frostbrandlevel 28+02 DR, 2 HR6-48 fast ice slashOuter planar ice world
a set of tonfasLevel 29+06 DR, 4 HR7-49 fast poundtwo wieldmonastery of dreams
spirit sword blade Minneyarlevel 29 total 115+13 DR, 3 HR5-35 fast nonorm slicewieldHedge Maze, Lufia's Folly
obsidian warhammerlevel 30 total 117+06 DR, 6 HR8-72 very slow nonorm crushtwo wieldWhite Tower
crystalline long swordlevel 30 total 120+24 DR, 4 HR9-45 fastest slashwieldUnderground Tunnels, Lufia's Folly
The Rune Axe of the Holy Keeperlevel 31+210 DR6-60 fast breath choptwo wieldAsh mountain foothills
sparkling sapphire blade>30 cler 30 war total 121+14 DR, 4 HR6-48 fast nonorm slicewieldRose cathedral (quest)