This is a listing of all the mini games for the City World. These are in no Particular Order.

Marking the Road:

You are shown the distance between two marks. You then have to keep that pattern going by hitting F to mark the road 10 more times.

Road Reparations:

A road that runs in a square needs to be fixed. grab the special cement then hit R on the broken gravelly parts of the road to patch it.

Catch the Rats!:

You are in a criss-crossing sewer filled with rats. You run to them and press F to catch them. Be careful though if a rat with a lower pitch touches you the game is over and you are dead.

Tree Pruning:

This game is played from above but you spend your time running to the right. You have trimming sheers and have to trim each tree the perfect amount. run to a tree then press F until you are told it is done. Cut too much off and you will lose points.

Exercise on Calligraphies:

You are given a short jingle made of tones which represents a Calligraphie. You have to find the same pattern of tones on one of the Calligraphies on the map. when you find the right one hit F and move on to finding the next one.

The Musical Doors:

Played from above. You run to a door and press D. This will play the pattern you need to reproduce to open the door. You have a hammer to make the sounds. Walk to where the sounds came from hit F and follow the pattern you were given. If you get it right the door will unlock.

funny bowling:

There are red and blue pins and red and blue balls. You pick up the blue balls and knock down the blue pins, the same for red balls and red pins. blue balls are on the right and red balls are on the left.

The Top of The Skyscrapers:

A side scroller everyone hates. avoid the people hitting you with hammers, climb up and sideways, then catch a helicopter. jump and hit F to grab the hellicopter and get a free ride to the next building. Just avoid the bombs the helicopters try to drop on you.

Ant Traps:

In a map with walls to get stuck on find an ant trap. stand near it and bait the ants into following you then get the trap between you and them. Hopefully they will go in the trap and die and you'll get points.

The Princess's Letters:

Played from above you are on a square street. Run around it and hit F on the mailboxes to deliver mail to them.

Aquarium Photographer:

Dive underwater and get as close to each underwater creature without dying. when close press F to take a picture of them. Get too close and they will kill you.

Crossing a Studio:

Played from above you find yourself controling your character without camera focus. You use numbers 1 through 9 to change your camera focus. starting with 1 find the button and open the door. after it is open run through it and change to camera 2. continue this process until you have 20 points.

Bonuses on Travelators:

get all the bonuses you can while making your way up on the Travelators.

Destroy the Small Cars!:

Played from above you have a hammer and need to smash all the toy cars zipping around the map.

Small Car Driver:

You control a car and need to get it through the doorways to the north. follow it and hit F to switch it from going left right to up down. guide it through all the doors and win 20 points.

Road Crossing:

listen for cars and cross this road north then south until you have 20 points. If you die once the game is over.

Count the Cars:

Just stand and hit F every time a car passes you.

The Electric Tower:

Kill the robot on each level and ride the escalators up until you are at the top.

The Braille Test:

Go to a door hit D and you are given a letter. Run to the right and use F to make that letter in the sand there. each letter you get right opens up the door.

The forgotten cold room:

Try to cover as much of this square map as possible spamming F to break up the ice. Get it all and you will win 20 points.

Paparazzi's madness:

Run to the north of this map without letting the Paparazzi take pictures of you. Careful of all the places to get stuck on walls.