Crazy Party Mini Game Listing

Here you will find a listing of every mini game in Crazy Party. The games are aranged by world. You can jump by heading level three to navigate between the different worlds. After finding the world you want you can jump by heading level five to go through the games.

If you would rather view just one world at a time you can click on one of the worlds below to do so.

The Valley

Protect the Duck

A side scrolling game in which you have to do your best to keep up with the madly quacking duck.

Catch the Duck

A reasonably simple game. You are in an open area in which you can move left and right or up and down. Listening out for the odd sounding quack you must search for the ugly duck and press F or enter if you have switched your keys to grab it.

Sailing Across the Lake

Use your left and right arrow keys to row your boat across this lake. Keep an even pace and you should do ok.

The Duck Snapshot

A side scrolling game. Just move left and right until it sounds like lots of ducks are in range and snap the photo.

Accompany the Duck

You will find bonuses on either side of this path. Just don't let the madly quacking duck get to far away.

Count the Sheep

Does what it says on the box. Run north and use the hand counter to count the sheep.

Take the Cows Back

Cows are all over this field. Just whistle and get them down to the lower left corner of the map.

*** *** ***

The Castle

Weeding the Woods:

Reasonably simple game this one. Run from left to right. Hit f or enter on thorny plants and avoid the flowers.

The Princess's Garden:

Run to the water and hit f or enter to fill your watering can. Then find the plants or pots with the right sound and hit f or enter again to water them. Don't forget to keep filling the watering can though.

The Princess's Kittens:

An open area usually with just 1 line of kittens. Run along and when the are meowing go to them and hit f or enter to pet them.

Store the Dishes:

Another side scrolling game. Run along and find the dish washer. hit f to take a dish and then once you have find the right cupboard press f or enter again to put it down. E to check which cupboard you are at.

Killing Mosquitoes:

This map is a square that is a path that runs around the out side. and some times has a path in the shape of a cross going through the middle. Run around this path and hit f or enter to use your fly swat on the mosquitoes.

It's Raining Flowers:

Run from left to right grabbing the flowers as they hit the ground. Remember they don't last long on the ground so grab them quick.

The Princess's Aquarium:

Run from left to right. Once your on water dive down and use the arrow keys to guide your self to the bad snails and hit f or enter to pick them off. Don't forget to come up for air. Press v to check your health under water.

The Butterfly's Tree:

Climb the tree using the up arrow or I. As you climb use f or enter to catch the butterflies. at the branches of the tree you can also run left and right in case you need to grab the annoying butterflies that you just missed.

The Castle's Windows:

Fill your bucket with the water found at the bottom left and right of the map. then running left to right or vice verser run to each window and hit f or enter several times to clean them. once a level is complete use the ladders at either the left of right to reach the next level of windows. hit d to check how much water is left in your bucket.

The Castle's Wall:

Run from left to right. use the ladders to climb up on top of the wall. avoid the soldiers swinging swords but climbing up on top of the wall, and remember to jump the cannon balls that are on top of the wall.

The Castle's Bonuses:

This is a path that runs north and south. on both the west and east walls are lots of doors that open and close. Time you run so you run through the open downs and grab the bonuses in the little rooms. Be careful you can get crushed by the doors.

Butterfly Powder:

This is a large open area. Use the arrows to run around and hit f to grab a butterfly. once you are holding 1 hit up and down rapidly to harvist the powder.

The Princess's Gifts:

You don't have to move in this game, just press your arrows clockwise to unwrap all the gifts. up, right, down, left.

Crossbow Shot

You start similar to the cannon ball throwing game only it will start in the far north of the map and move back to the south where your character is located. You then have to guess about how many steps away the target is. At the gunshot to start you move to where the target was and shoot it.

*** *** ***

The Forest

Picking Flowers in the Woods:

A large map with a path running from south to north. with openings to the east and west. run around and when you see a flower hit f to pick it up.

Harvesting Plums:

Run from left to right. hit f or enter to grab a tree and r or backspace to harvist the plumbs.

The wasp's lake:

Running left to right you just have to reach the end. You must avoid being stung by the wasps. you can swim under water in this game but remember to come up for air. V to check your health under water. careful to the little islands may stop you coming up for air.

The Hedgehog's Path:

Run from left to right jumping the hedgehogs. Careful the hedgehogs can change direction. spacebar to jump.

The Mushroom's Path:

Run to the north avoidding getting to close to the mushrooms when they spray. Tip once a marshroom sprays you have a few seconds that you can get close to it.

Climb the Trees:

Move from left to right. if you can't go any more to the right you either have to climb higher to find another path or if you are as high as you can go climb back down. remember to avoid the wasps.

The Hunting Ants:

A large square that you can run around the outside of with several cross paths. all you have to do is run and avoid getting eatten by the ants. But careful they can run at you from several different directions.

A Race Through the Woods:

Follow the path and listen for the indecaters for which way to turn.

The Forest's Bonuses:

Run left to right and when you hear a bonus dig down to it by press f or enter repeatedly and holding the down arrow.

Mycological Walk:

Run from left to right, grab the good mushrooms and leave the toxic ones. F or enter to pick up a mushroom. r or backspace to throw all your mushrooms and d to check how many you are holding.

Measuring Trees:

Listen to the sound of the tree. use the number row to go through the different trees. and when you find the one that sounds like the example hit and that number to cut it.

*** *** ***

The Underground

Descent Into the Mine:

You will hear a sound either left or right and you must hit the correct arrow key. Don't be to slow about it though.

The Cannonball's Slope:

Run forward and avoid the cannon balls rolling towards you by moving left or right.

The Chasm's Cave:

Run to the right jumping over the pits and avoidding the bats while you are in mid air.

The Bonus Deposit:

Run right using the f or enter key to smash through the things blocking your way.

The Queen's Treasures:

Here you have a gravel path that runs north. every so far you will hear little stone path running from left to right. the bonuses can be found in these paths that run from left to right. So you must find the stone paths and head down them to get bonuses. The trick is to time it though because ants are running back and forth on the stone paths.

Run! Jump! Jump!:

You are moving forward faster anbd faster. all you have to do is time your jumps as you get close to pits.

The Bat's Chasm:

You just climb up the ladder avoidding the bats that are flying left to right.

Buttoned Doors:

This is an area you have to get to the far right of. the area is broken up in to section and you have to find the button that opens the door to the next section. so run along the paths left to to right and climb up or down if you can't find the button.

The Locked Bonuses:

Paths run from left to right and a door sits at each end. these paths are connected by paths that run from top to bottom. to open the doors you must find the buttons around the paths and get the bonuses behind each door.

The Diamond Mine:

You must run up the gravel paths that head up and get the good diamonds. once you have a few you can run back to the south and drop them at the table you will find in the concrete path that runs left to right at the bottom of the map.

Searching for Pheromones:

you must run through this maze type area trying to find the finish point. press d to see how far away it is. Also watch out for the ants that will try to bight you.

Railroad Management:

You will have a track with x amount of sections and x amount of tracks. in each section parts will go from track to track. read them and work out the way to let the train finish on the correct track.

The Wells and the Galleries:

Run left and right until you find a part that you can dig down with using f or enter. dig and go down until you can't any more than go left or right until you can again.

Sort The Diamonds:

you hear a tone that is a good diamond. it then plays a bunch of tones and you need to keep the ones with the good tone by pressing F, and reject the ones without by pressing R.

Axe Throwing:

this game makes practically 0 sense. press arrows in a clockwise pattern, but not too fast or too slow or too clockwise and press f when you want to throw an axe for a random distance. You get points depending on the distance, but it is timed so don't take too long.

Prehistoric cave:

this is a great and challenging game. different monsters you can either sneak past, jump over, or use ladders to escape from. make your way all east to get the highest score, but don't sneak, jump or climb for the wrong monsters or you may find yourself dead.

*** *** ***

The Beach

The Underwater Cave:

Swim north till you reach the end. Simple remember to grab bubbles you don't want to run out of air.

The Eel's Haunt:

You are in a large area, Move around trying to grab the bonuses. Remember to grab bubbles and avoid the eels.

Hungry Penguins:

You start at the south side of a map on a beach with some penguins. Swim north using f to grab fish. Than swim back and give the fish to the penguins by pressing f on them. Remember you can only hold 5 fish at once.

Dangerous Beach:

Run east as far as you can avoidding the crabs on the sand and the eels in the water.

Diving for Pearls:

Run either east or west and dive down under water to get pearls. Remember to grab the bubbles.

The Jellyfish Bay:

Run east as far as you can. You will have to dive underwater at times so do your best to avoid the jellyfish.

The Coconut's Beach:

Run as far east as you can timing your runs under the trees so that you don't get hit by falling coconuts.

The Frisbee's Beach:

You are standing on a beach. move east and west to grab the incoming frisbee's. Just center them as they fly towards you.

Buoy's Beach:

Swim north and find the buoys laid about. Hint you can usually find each buoy not to far north of the last. Move north till you can't hear the previous buoy and than go left and right to try and find the next one.

A Race Through the Beach:

Follow the sand path turning where it indicates to turn.

The Stingray's Pit:

Swim as far north as you can. Grab bubbles you will need air and use f to hit the sting rays with your electric weapon.

Labyrinthine Reef:

Follow the fish as far north as you can. Remember to grab bubbles you need air.

the Crab's Island:

It is a pretty open area. Just run around and grab bonuses avoidding getting bitten by the crabs.

*** *** ***

The Factory

Across the Sewers:

Played as a side scroller run to the right without getting washed away in sewage.

Strange Pools:

Make your way north without dying in a bubbeling pool.

Electrical Path:

make your way north without getting zapped by electricity.

Toxic Clouds:

Try to avoid all the clouds and keep your flower you are holding alive.

Electric Labyrinth:

A maze filled with electric charges and currents. Make your way around it collecting as many bonus coins as possible. If you die it is over.

Close the Shutoffs:

Run right and hit F on the shutoffs to grab one. then smash your arrows in a clockwise pattern to shut them off.

Dangerous Frisbees:

Move left and right centering only non electric frisbees to catch them. catch an electric one and you die and the game is over.

Underground Facility:

Move right jumpping over the robots and avoiding getting electricuted.


Make your way north by avoiding the waves coming towards you by hiding in the dry spots to the left and right.

the Robot's Swimming Pool:

Get to the right while avoiding the deadly waves on the surface and the robots swimming under water.

It's Raining Bonuses!:

This is played from above. Pipes spit out bonuses you just need to run around and grab them.

The Polluted Beach:

This game is played from above. Find the polluted spots and use your sprayer to make them go away.

Robot Quality Control:

Smash only the bad robots as they come at you from left to right.

Adjusting the generators:

Played from above you are in a simple room. At the start a generator is zapping at a certain rate. run around and match the other generaters to the first one's rate using F and R. F makes it go faster.

Bombing the robots:

Played as a side scroller. You are in a helicopter and get to fly left and right dropping bombs on robots. they move pretty quick and you have a limited supply of bombs.

A visit in the printing house:

This is played from above. Think a normal path game only with things trying to kill you and where you can run wherever you want. one sound means you run fast, the other slows you down. scissors will kill you as well as paper knives, get all the way north.

Dice fabrication:

You don't move in this game, but there are 5 dice in front of you from left to right. The game gives you a number and you have to put it on one of your dice. Each die needs exactly 1 of each number 1 through 6. you cannot repeat a number on a dice. Press 1 through 5 to place the given number on die 1 through 5 from left to right.

Sort the battle cards:

You are given three battle types, 1 through 3 from left to right. The game then gives you a card, you have to decide if it goes to type 1, 2, or 3.

*** *** ***

The Circus

Speedy Reaction:

First you will hear a sound played. Than a sequence of sounds will play. When you hear the sound you are looking for in the sequence hit f as fast as possible.

Working Waiter:

Listen for the table ringing the bell. Run to that table and hit f. Than run all the way north and hit f to collect the order. Run back to the table still ringing the bell and drop the order. Repeat until you finish or the time runs out.

Hammer the Nail:

You will take it in turns to hit a nail using f. The longer you hold f the harder you will hit the nail. You aim to be the one who hits the nail last.

Batting Time!:

You will hear the sound of a ball being launched at you. Wait a moment and than hit f to swing your bat and hit the ball. Don't wait to long and don't jump to quick or you will miss.

The Sticks Game:

The aim of this game is to make your aponent take the last stick. You can take 1, 2 or 3 sticks at a time.


You are in a field of mines. Use f to dig up a square. This will tell you if any squares around it have mines. Remember you will never find a mine in the 4 corner squares. So start there and try and find places that have no mines in adjasent squares.

Guess the Number!:

You have to try and guess a 4 digit number. It will tell you lower or higher after each guess. Hint start at 5555 and work up or down depending on if it is higher or lower.

The Bookmark:

You have a book in front of you. It is open on page 1 and the game will give you a page you have to get to. So count the pages as they turn and hit f when you reach the right page.

Rolling Balls:

This game involves you taking balls. They will either add or minus points off your score. The aim is to have a higher score than the person you are versing. So try and take pluses and give them minuses.

Balloon Popping:

Listen for good balloons and pop them using f as you run to the east.

Extinguish the Wick:

This will give you a time in seconds. You will than hear a wick burning. you have to get as close to that time with out letting it explode as you can. So when it gets close hit f to cut the wick.

The Bouncing Ground:

Run as far east as you can jumping over the pits as you do. Remember after you jump over the first pit you are on the ground that bounces meanning you are always jumping. So just time your running with the pits.

Small bridge for duck::

Played on a small map this is a side scroller. You are protecting another special duck. stay in front of him and use F to cover the holes. collect your board after going over the hole. The duck will turn around and run in the hole you just passed. Don't get to far away from him.

*** *** ***

The Heights

Space Invasion:

Space ships are coming toward you. move left and right to center them and than shoot them.

Spatial Vortex:

Lots of bonuses are infront of you and you are flying toward them so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

Parachute Descent:

You are falling and bonuses are floating in the air so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

The Rainbow:

You will hear storm clouds moving around, when you are close enough you will hear a strange sound that will get higher in pitch. So follow each cloud until you hear the sound of the rainbo.

The Peaceful Mountain:

Run left or right and climb when you can. Watch out for wasps and wind though.

The Windy Peak:

Just run right using the places to climb down to avoid the wind.

The Stormy Summit:

Run right jumping over the pits. You also have to avoid the lightning but if you don't stand still you shouldn't have a problem with that.

The Fireclouds:

Run right jumping over the pits and avoiding the fire balls as they come towards you.

The Strange Cylinder:

You have to run right and time you jumps so you are not standing on the cylinder when it spins.

The Flying Boat:

Run right jumping over the pits, avoid the cannon balls, climb the ladders and get past the electricity.

The Mountain of Crevasses:

You have to find the gaps to jump over the pits. Make sure you pick the gap with the bouncing sound though.

The Mountainous Gorge:

This game is a pain. You have to run all the way right but the camera focus is always moving. don't let yourself get to far behind cause you will get sent back t to the start. but get to far ahead and you could get stung by a wasp that you didn't even see.

The Imprisoned Fish:

Run right smashing the rocks to clear the path for the fish.

*** *** ***

The Volcano

Volcanic Zone:

Played as a side scroller you need to run to the right and jump over the lava pits. However they erupt and will kill you if jumpping durring an eruption.


Spam up and down arrow fast until the time is up.

Unstable Platforms:

Try to move around staying alive. the ground you are standing onn will slowly disappear. don't be on a tile that falls into the lava or you will die and the game will be over.

Perilous Corridor:

Played as a side scroller you need to jump only the fireballs on the ground and jump over the lava pits while going right.

Across the Lava:

Islands are connected by metal bridges. Cross the bridges making your way generally north. Don't step in the lava though or you will start over from the beginning.

A Race Through the Volcano:

You are raceing a turtle but if you step off the path you will lannd in lava and die. dying starts you over from the beginning.

Building a Path:

You need to get cement and move north building a path across lava as you go. just don't get eaten by a dragon.

The Dragon's Scales:

Move generally north and try to collect dragon scales. Avoid getting eaten or falling in lava. Bring the scales back and deposit them for points. If you die the game is over.

The Metallic Welding:

You are given the perfect welding time. Then you weld 10 plates trying to get them as close to the perfect time as possible.

The Bomb's Lair:

Run north while avoiding getting blown up by the walking bombs. If you get too close their fuze goes off and they chase you for a few seconds before blowing up.

Destroying Walking Bombs!:

Try to survive. this is played from above. You need to get as many bombs to blow up as possible. if you die the game is over and you lose all your points.

*** *** ***

The Intellectual

Multiplications in Rhythm:

It is time for math. Answer the multiplication questions. 3 wrong and you are out.

Additions in Rhythm:

I hope you are good at addition. 3 wrong answers and you are out.

Subtractions in Rhythm:

Have you worked out what this might be? It is time for subtraction 3 wrong and you are out.

Divisions in Rhythm:

Divide divide divide divide. yeah that is pretty much what you do. 3 wrong answers and you are out.


Yes the classic game of simon. Use the arrows keys to recreate the pattern each time.

Arrange the Sounds:

You will hear 10 sounds from 0 to 9. You thaan have to put them in that order again.

Numbers Quiz:

You wil get 10 questions all of the answer to which are numbers, good luck.

True or False:

Simple true or false questions you use 1 for true and 0 for false.

Coloured Buttons:

You have aline of buttons going along your number row. They can be either red or blue and shift plus the number will change it. The idea is to make them all either red or blue.


You have 4 colomns of colours. You have to select 1 colour in each colomn until you have worked out which colour is meant to be in each one. But becareful you only have 10 guesses.


Simple card matching game. you get to pick 2 cards than a bot gets to pick 2. So try and remember where the good cards are. For references the best cards are: Unicorn, feather, dragon and beak.

Square Roots in Rhythm:

More math this time Square roots. so learn your square roots up to 50 and you will be fine.

*** *** ***

The Darkness

The Mortal Swamp:

Run north avoiding the quick sand pits that will kill you. If you die you start from the beginning.


Survive as long as possible without getting hit on the head by a bomb.

The Cursed Doors:

Make your way north trying different doors. In each section only one door will open, the others will kill you. Keep trying the doors and trying to get to the end all the way north.

The Haunted Forest:

Played as a side scroller jump over snakes and avoid running into the ghosts that pop up. dying will start you over from the beginning.


A maze like map with random bonuses. try to get as many as possible without getting lost.

The Stopwatch Corridor:

Played as a side scroller. Hit buttons to open doors for a few seconds thenn rush to get through each door while jumpping pits and fireballs on the ground.

The Maddening House:

You have to get permits from numberd windows. find the right window each time.

The Cursed Place:

Played from above, follow the steps and they will lead you to the end.

The Haunted Cemetery:

Kill as many ghosts as possible without stepping on the graves.

The Zombie's Mansion:

Make your way to the right while killing the zombies without getting eaten yourself.

The Troll's Enclosure:

Run north avoiding getting killed by any trolls.

The Troll Snapshot:

get as close as possible to a troll and take a picture. Get too close and you die and the game is over.

Zombie's Carnage:

Played from above this game is broken up into different rooms. in each room there are zombies. kill all the zombies in a room and the door will open. continue doing this until you are at the end.

*** *** ***

The Desert

A Path Across the Cactuses:

Like the races you need to follow the tones that tell you when to turn. don't take one wrong step though or you will die and have to start over from the beginning.

Snake Charmer:

Find the snake then guide it to the cement in the middle of the map. keep it in the center and you get points. get too close and you will die and the game will be over.

Pasturing the Camel:

find grass then whistle the cammel to follow you and it will eat the grass.

Salt Unloading:

run to the cammel and take some sault from it. run the sault back to where you started and drop it off. The more you take the slower you walk.

Cut Down the Cactuses!:

Walk to the right. When next to a Cactus press F until it is cut down. Keep doing this until you are at the end. Get too close to one and you die and have to start from the beginning.

The Falcon's Snapshot:

Falcons fly from the right and from the left. when one is perfectly centered press F to take a picture. you get 2 points for a perfect picture and 1 for a bad one, 0 points if you miss it completely.

Desert Express:

You are driving a train and have to stop for red lights and drive through the green ones. If you pass a red light the game is over and you score negative 20. Your best bet is to stay patient and move at a slow steady pace. F to speed up and R to slow down.

Crush the Moles!:

On a small map just run and step on the Moles to crush them.

A Drawing on the Sand:

You are giving a drawing made of dots. memorize it then hit F to clear it. then use F to reproduce the dots in the same places.

Mirages for Bonuses:

Fake coins are everywhere. collect as many real ones as you can running north.

Drip Drop:

water drops on your left and on your right. try to count the drops from each one. at the end of each round press 1 or 2 to choose if the one on the left or right dropped more watter.

Thirsty Mountain:

Played as a side scroller walk to your right while climbing up and down. the longer you go without water the slower you move. jump over the snakes and look for water pools you can drink from to speed back up. hit F in water to drink and refresh yourself.

The Pyramid's Doors:

Find the buttons in each section which is broken up into multiple rooms. each button opens up a door. continue doing this and progress to the North.

The Haunted Pyramid:

Walk to the north finding the passage ways through the walls. press F to kill the ghosts with your sword.

The haunted ruins:

Played as a side scroller you have to make your way to the right climbing up and down. rocks fall on you, ghosts pop up, and doors open and close. dying in anyway makes you start over from the beginning.

Crystal rain:

Just survive as long as possible without getting crushed by a falling crystal. each crystal on impact with the ground leaves a coin. pick up as many as possible without dying. if you die the game is over.

Hidden palace:

One of the most difficult games in the entire game. jump crossbows, jump ground spikes, avoid cannons and flying bats. sometimes you climb sometimes you go underwater. make your way to the right to get points. die and you start from the beginning.

Numbered slabs:

A slider game like rush hour or trafic jam. Slide the numbers to get them in the same patternn as your number row. get it perfect and you win 20 points.

Pollination of date palms:

Played from above. Go to a male date palm which makes a deeper noise. get it's pollen and take that pollen to all the female date palms and press F on them to pollenate them. when you run out of pollen get more and continue.

*** *** ***


The Cold River:

Make your way north to get points. You walk slow in the water so find a quicker way to progress.

Bonuses on the Ice!:

Try to line up bonus items then slide on the ice to grab them.

A Peaceful Descent:

Skiing down a hill and moving forward on your own just avoid the rocks.

Slalom's Descent:

Played from above you move forward on your own. Go to the right of some doors and left of others without running into them. Also avoid the rocks. If you die the game is over.

The Snowball's Road:

Walk to the right but don't get crushed by snowballs. Hit F to break them up as they get to you.

Cut Down the Fir Trees!:

Played from above run around and find Trees. When you find one hit F on it then use left and right arrows to move your saw back and forth until it is cut down.

Transport the Penguin:

Grab the baby penguin and take it north. It will escape, keep grabbing it and taking it north.

Glacial Lake:

Find your way around the lake counter clockwise. hit all the correct Buoys as you run around it.

The Stalactite's Cave:

Played as a side scroller run right while avoiding the Stalactites that will fall on you. Also jump over the pits. if you die you start over.

The Frozen Mansion:

Played from above run north on the slippery floor. use F to kill the ghosts. Make it as far north as possible.

Sliding Between the Buoys:

Run right and left pressing F on the Buoys on each side. do this as many times as possible. try to avoide the water.

The Snowflower's Path:

Played from above walk northw ithout stepping on any of the flowers. Each one you step on takes away a point.

Polar Bears Hunting:

Make your way right either underwater or on the ice. There are polar bears trying to eat you, just avoid them all.

Treasure Under the Ice:

Find the holes in the ice and dive down to get the coins. Die once and the game is over.

Chased on the Ice!:

Played from above you are being chased by a polar bear. Runn north avoiding the crabs. Grab fish in the water parts to boost your speed.

Boreal Forest:

Played as a side scroller make your way to the right. choose to climb trees to avoid the moose or go underground and avoid ants.

Making a Giant Snowball:

Just smash your keys in a clockwise pattern to roll the snowball.

Jumping Penguins:

This game is played as a side scroller. There are pits which are to big to jump over. jump and land on a bouncing mushroom on top of the pit and use them to get to the right.

The Polar Beach:

Played as a side scroller walk to the right annd don't get hit by the trees.

Imprisoned Penguins:

Penguins are stuck in ice, find the right parts to break then hit F to break the ice and let them out.

*** *** ***

The City

Marking the Road:

You are shown the distance between two marks. You then have to keep that pattern going by hitting F to mark the road 10 more times.

Road Reparations:

A road that runs in a square needs to be fixed. grab the special cement then hit R on the broken gravelly parts of the road to patch it.

Catch the Rats!:

You are in a criss-crossing sewer filled with rats. You run to them and press F to catch them. Be careful though if a rat with a lower pitch touches you the game is over and you are dead.

Tree Pruning:

This game is played from above but you spend your time running to the right. You have trimming sheers and have to trim each tree the perfect amount. run to a tree then press F until you are told it is done. Cut too much off and you will lose points.

Exercise on Calligraphies:

You are given a short jingle made of tones which represents a Calligraphie. You have to find the same pattern of tones on one of the Calligraphies on the map. when you find the right one hit F and move on to finding the next one.

The Musical Doors:

Played from above. You run to a door and press D. This will play the pattern you need to reproduce to open the door. You have a hammer to make the sounds. Walk to where the sounds came from hit F and follow the pattern you were given. If you get it right the door will unlock.

funny bowling:

There are red and blue pins and red and blue balls. You pick up the blue balls and knock down the blue pins, the same for red balls and red pins. blue balls are on the right and red balls are on the left.

The Top of The Skyscrapers:

A side scroller everyone hates. avoid the people hitting you with hammers, climb up and sideways, then catch a helicopter. jump and hit F to grab the hellicopter and get a free ride to the next building. Just avoid the bombs the helicopters try to drop on you.

Ant Traps:

In a map with walls to get stuck on find an ant trap. stand near it and bait the ants into following you then get the trap between you and them. Hopefully they will go in the trap and die and you'll get points.

The Princess's Letters:

Played from above you are on a square street. Run around it and hit F on the mailboxes to deliver mail to them.

Aquarium Photographer:

Dive underwater and get as close to each underwater creature without dying. when close press F to take a picture of them. Get too close and they will kill you.

Crossing a Studio:

Played from above you find yourself controling your character without camera focus. You use numbers 1 through 9 to change your camera focus. starting with 1 find the button and open the door. after it is open run through it and change to camera 2. continue this process until you have 20 points.

Bonuses on Travelators:

get all the bonuses you can while making your way up on the Travelators.

Destroy the Small Cars!:

Played from above you have a hammer and need to smash all the toy cars zipping around the map.

Small Car Driver:

You control a car and need to get it through the doorways to the north. follow it and hit F to switch it from going left right to up down. guide it through all the doors and win 20 points.

Road Crossing:

listen for cars and cross this road north then south until you have 20 points. If you die once the game is over.

Count the Cars:

Just stand and hit F every time a car passes you.

The Electric Tower:

Kill the robot on each level and ride the escalators up until you are at the top.

The Braille Test:

Go to a door hit D and you are given a letter. Run to the right and use F to make that letter in the sand there. each letter you get right opens up the door.

The forgotten cold room:

Try to cover as much of this square map as possible spamming F to break up the ice. Get it all and you will win 20 points.

Paparazzi's madness:

Run to the north of this map without letting the Paparazzi take pictures of you. Careful of all the places to get stuck on walls.

*** *** ***

The Plains

Bonuses in the clouds:

The camera moves without you. Try to keep up climbing up and down the latters and hitting F to smash open your bonuses.

The frisbees of peace:

Walk left and right on the shore and destroy the boats in the water. Don't run out of frisbees.

Powder recipe:

You are givenn the proper colors to find. there are four colors one in each corner. collect the proper ones then bring them all to the middle of the map.

Clandestine arena:

two bots will fight one another in a battle. pick the winner at the beginning and you win.

The clocks of the village:

Played from above, you are given a time, find all the clocks and fix their time using F and R. Avoid the people on bikes, if you get hit the game is over.

Bicycle path:

use up and down arrow to adjust your speed and left and right arrow to change lanes. move forward and avoid running into others riding their bikes.

Beneficial cloud:

stay under the cloud and water your plant.

Bridge construction:

Climb down grab planks. Climb back up and lay the planks on the bridges to the right. Grab as many as you want but the more you get the slower you walk.

Turn the die:

This has nothing to do with a die or dice. Find the number you need then move it around in a circle by walking in a circle/square. Move it to the bottom left corner and you get points.

Horse jumping:

played as a side scroller run to the right jumpping over hurtles. F speeds up your horse and R slows it down.

The rainbow road:

remember Roy G Biv and stay on the color that has a speed boost to finish before the clock is at 0.

Storm on the rainbow:

Don't forget Roy G Biv. one color is safe and it changes. stay on the safe color and the lightning can't kill you.

The rainbow tower:

Use the teleporters to go to different themed mini maps. Each mini map has a rainbow color you need to collect. Die once and the game is over.

Colored flowers:

The camera angle moves right then back left. remember the sounds for each flower then when the game starts set all the flowers to their proper color.

Dew for butterflies:

Whistle the butterflys to you while standing next to a dew drop. The butterflys will drink the dew. Don't step on a dew drop or it vanishes.

Cannonball throwing:

The camera scrolls from left to right. Between each sound is roughly 10 power. Estimate your power needed. Then when the game starts hold down F until it is at the correct power, let go to throw your cannon ball. Don't throw it in the pit.

The bulls enclosure:

Run north avoiding the bulls and make it all the way north.

Commando of cats:

Whistle the cats to follow you to the rats. Guide them to kill as many as possible.

Bonuses and bulls:

Run around avoiding the bulls and collecting bonus coins. If you die once the game is over.

*** *** ***

The Playroom

Crazy Crazy:

The letters C R A Z Y are arranged randomly in front of you. you have to step on them in the right order to get 10 points. step onto the letters, then off and on to the next correct order. rinse and repeat.

Fill the basin:

A game identical to hammer the nail, only with unknown weird mechanics. Just get the basin filled up without over filling it.

Rock paper scissors:

The normal rock paper scissors game only with wells and bombs. You choose your deck at the start. use some strategy and try to beat the duck.

Fatal stairs:

Another game based purely on a random number generator. You role a 6 or 12 side die and try to get to the top of the stairs without falling off. finish ahead of the duck and get a positive score.

Fatal draw:

Another random chance game. You draw up to 5 cards, each card is worth a certain amount. You have to get as close to the limit without going over. Sort of like blackjack only with completely different cards with different values.

Type the numbers:

If you have a number pad this couldn't be easier. just type the numbers you are given.

Braille numbers:

You are given numbers to write in the sand. Write as many of them as you can. F to place a dot, R to erase it.

Keyboard pro:

You have to run around on a keyboard. Run to the letter it tells you to in the few seconds you are given.

Monster card battle:

A long game. You have cards, the other guy has cards. You hit him and try and kill his cards before you die. yeah it doesn't make much sense but have fun anyway.

Crazy geography:

You are given mini-game names. You have to place them in the world they belong in.

Excursion through the caves:

You have a map that tells you left, right, or middle. run through the caves and make it all the way north. Watch out for the swirls.

Read the die:

The number of a die is shown in sand. run around the area and figure out the number, then type it on your keyboard. You don't have much time though.

The bicolor area:

Colored buttons on crack. You are on a grid and with red and blue tiles. Each time you press F your square and all 8 touching squares switch color. hit D to find the goal for the game and try and get that many red and blue tiles on the map.

Key fabrication:
the worst game ever created if you are tone or pitch deaf. you have to match your notes to the notes given. you cannot stop the notes once they start playing, and you cannot change your notes while they are playing. left and right to move between notes, up and down to change the tone.

*** *** ***

The Light

The green flash:

When the game starts you will hear a sound that represents the color green. You will then hear a sequence of sounds. When you hear the sound like the original sound you hit f or enter. The closer you are to the original the more points you get.

Solar time:

You have to mark time on a line. The line starts at the far right at 6 A.M and runs to 6 p.m on the left. You then hear sounds and you have to move left or right with the arrow keys to try and match time. F or enter to select where you think the sound was.

Sort the diamonds:

You will hear a sound that represents a good time. You will then be given sequences of sounds. If you think the original toned appeared 5 or more times you hit F or enter. If you think it appears 4 or less times you hit r or backspace.

Give the change:

You have 3 sliders. gold on the left, silver in the middle and copper on the right. You are told the value of the silver to gold and copper to silver before the game starts. You are then given problems to solve. You use the left and right arrows to change between the sliders and up and down arrow to adjust the value to give the correct change.

Crazy fireworks:

You have 5 fireworks 1 to 5 on the number row. Hitting the numbers will tell you the time on the fuse and shift and the number will light the firework. The aim is to launch the fireworks so they go off in order 1 to 5.

Axe throwing:

You hit the arrow keys in a clock wise direction to wind up the axe throw. then f to release or throw the axe. You have to make sure you are spinning the arrows fast enough to get the most points.

The shadows' codex:

You will hear a sound which you can replay by hitting d. You then go through a list of sound sequences using the up and down arrow keys. You hit f on a sequence when you think it contains the original sound.

the optical welding:

You can hear a tone in your left ear. you also have a tone going up and down in pitch in your right ear. the aim is to hit f or enter when the sounds are at the same pitch. You can use the up and down arrow keys to move the pitch in your right ear higher or lower. You don't need to play this, so just don't!

The prehistoric cave:

Fairly straight forward. Run to the right using the arrow keys. Up and down arrow to go up or down where needed and space to jump obstacles. If you come to the paintings walk slowly, This will stop the creatures coming out.

Burn the fallen leaves!:

You have to burn the leaves by pressing f or enter on a tile next to the leaves. If you stand on the leaves when you do this you will die. A train track also runs up the middle of the map so avoid standing on it to long or you will get hit with a train.

Reproduce the paysage:

You will hear a group of sounds arranged on a grid. You will then have to place the sounds on an empty grid. The group has 5 sounds and you use the arrow keys to move around the grid and f to place a sound.

Elevator operator:

You have to take people to different floors of a building. F to open and close the doors, up and down arrow keys to move up and down, e will tell you what floor you are closest to and d will tell you the information about what floors people want to go to or get collected from.

Security checkpoint You have to make your way north through several check points. Just use the arrow keys to move and when you get close enough to a check point the check point will open. Remember to stop at the point until it opens.

Load the capacitors!:

Collect the positive and negative charges by moving along the paths that separate the different rooms. d will tell you how many of each you have. When you reach a capacitor hit f and r to load 1 of each of the charges. don't load more then 1 of each one or it will explode.

The immobility flash:

You will be told a time at the start of the game. this is how often the flash will go off. You must run north but make sure you are not moving when the flash goes off. You have to stop at least 1 second before the flash goes off.

The trap buttons:

You have to open a set of doors running south to north. for each door there is 2 buttons one right and 1 left. You will hear the sequence for the buttons starting and the north side and working its way south. Which means the sequence of buttons is in the reverse order that you have to hit them.

Mirrors for solar cells:

Five solar cells are scattered around a room. A light beam is running north to south in the middle of the map. You must place mirrors in the path of the light to make it pass over the cells. F to place a mirror, f will also turn the mirrors once placed. when you first place a mirror it is facing north. when you press f it turns it 90 degrees each time.

The sandy dungeon:

You must collect crystals that are randomly around the map. The map is a grid of rooms and the audio focus will remain in the middle of which ever room you are in. Rooms may have obstacles you have to avoid. Arrow keys to move.

Bonuses and dimensional holes:

You have to collect the bonuses scattered around the map. arrow keys to move. You have to avoid the black holes around as well. These will beep faster the closer you get to them.

Follow the light!:

You are in a maze. your objective is to reach the north. Light beams will lead you through the maze.

The highest mountain:

You have to run right climbing up and down as needed. There are also pits to jump and light beams you must avoid. you also have to collect air tanks or you will run out of air.

Symmetrical lights:

You are on a road that runs up the middle of the map. There are 5 lights on the left side of the road. You have to place 5 more lights at the exact same locations but on the right side. arrows to move and f or enter to place lights.

Shadows' cohabitation:

You have to run north killing the shadows that are moving around the map. Use the light sword on dark shadows and the dark sword on light shadows. Arrows to move, f or enter to use the sword and r or back space to switch between swords.

The dark dungeon:

You have to collect crystals from around this dungeon. most of the crystals will be in rooms but some may just be out in the open. You also must avoid the shadows moving around this map. You can freeze the shadows for a short time which can allow you to get away from them fo a time. F to freezde the shadows and arrows to move.

Acrobatic base jump:

You must press the arrow keys in 5 sequences. d to repeat the sequences.

Illuminate the shadows!:

A number of shadows are moving around the map. they will follow you. your job is to move them in to the path of the light beams. when you do they will be come light shadows and you have to avoid these because they can kill you.

*** *** ***