Here you will find links for the different sections of the adventure mode of Crazy Party. You can just jump by headings to get to the different pages.

The Mini Game Directory

This is a directory of all the mini games in Crazy Party. For each mini game there is a short description of the game. It is broken up by worlds for easy navigation.

Go to the mini game directory.

World Index

This section lists all of the worlds in Crazy Party. Each world has information including how many mini games, paths, bonus games, bonus chests, and anything else you need to know about the world. This page lists all the worlds by default.

worlds index

World Profiles

This page will combine the information in the two worlds into a world profile. You can choose to see all the world info along with all the mini games for that specific world on one page.

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Where to Unlock the different worlds

This page gives you a listing of all the worlds in Crazy Party. Under each world shows you what world or worlds you have to complete to unlock it. You can also click on the worlds to see what path you need to take to unlock it.

World Unlock Locations

Micro Games Overview

This is just a short overview covering micro games. Not much information is going to be given. The challenge of micro games is figuring out what you need to do without the beginning information.

Micro games overview

Board Games Overview

Here you will find a short overview of how board games are played. This is not very long and just gives you a little bit of information so you know what to expect when playing a board game.

Board Game Overview

Collectables Overview

This page goes over the different items and objects you can collect in Crazy Party. There are not many of them, all the same they are listed and explained here.

Collectables Overview