This is a listing of all the mini games for The Space World. These are in no Particular Order.

Extraterrestrial beach:

Played as a side scroller, this is actually a pretty fun game. You stay in the air for a long time. Jump between the boards and don't get eaten by a shark. The landing sound is quiet, make sure you listen for it.

Extraterrestrial volcano:

This is a pretty difficult game. Played as a side scroller you have to go right while jumpping lava, fast snakes, and avoiding fireballs on the ground and in the air. On top of that gravity is strong so you can only make short jumps. There are ladders you have to climb up and down as well.

Log cut:

pretty easy once you get an ear for the sound. listen for the sound and only cut logs that have the right pitch. R to skip a log and F to cut it. E to repeat the sound. You don't have to move in this game.

Bonuses on the asteroids!:

An interesting and fun simple game. Zip between asteroids and pick up as many bonuses as you can. If you go outside the asteroid belt the game is over. You move fast when zooming, but walk normally when on an asteroid. This is played from above.

Explode the rocks!:

This is played from above. You have walls blocking your way, but in each wal is a part that can be blown up. set a bomb at this location with F, get far enough away so you don't blow up yourself, then continue north through the hole you made. Don't blow up the ducks with your bombs.

Ghost ship:

This game is played from above. Run through the doors and try to make it north. Kill the ghosts with your sword and pick up oxygen bottles so you don't die. You can't breathe the air on the ship.

Fortune ship:

This game is played from above. You still can't breathe the air. Keep your health up with oxygen then run through the doors and get as many bonuses as you can before you need more oxygen.

Atmosphere analysis:

You don't move in this game. You are given the sound of oxygen, then you hear some tones layered on top of one another. If the tone is one of those layers hit F, if not hit R.

Conversion of large distances:

This game sucks, it really does. you don't move. You are given two numbers. If the smaller number can be multiplied by 3.26 to equal the second number then you press F, if not you press R.

Circuit cleaning:

Played from above this is a deceptivly difficult game depending on the map you get. The map is a bunch of little rooms connected by travelators. move between the rooms killing the viruses.

Life under the ice:

Played as a side scroller. Dive down the little hole in the ice and press F to use your sonar which allows you to see where the creature is. Swim downwards getting bubbles and looking for the creature.

Questions for an astronaut:

A simple quiz. you will be asked something like which is more massive, the earth or the moon. press 1 for the earth 2 for the moon.

Radiation accident:

You are given a tone which is your base line. Run around going to astronauts and hitting E to see if they need to be given a dose of whatever it is you are giving them. if the astronaut's tone is lower than your base tone give him a dose with F, otherwise don't give him anything.

Manual take-off:

A very simple game to start the world. Played as a side scroller you just use left and right arrows to try and keep the sound in front of you centered.

Hyperspace jump:

A fun simple game played as a side scroller. Pick up commets without running into asteroids. you are moving forward automatically and every time you get a commet your power increases. check your power level with D. when it is at least 5 you can hit F to make a hyper jump forward. Repeat until you have 20 or more points.

Space Rodeo:

You are moving forward through space and asteroids are coming at you. try and get as close to them as possible without dying. if you die the game is over. played as a side scroller.

Magnetic vortex:

You are speeding forward in space and there are two different sounds, positive and negative charges. pick one and only collect that one sound as you move forward. every time you collect the same type of sound you speed up.

Oil installation:

This is a pain in the butt game played as a side scroller. The game makes a horrible loud as hel stadic sound which you can stop by finding and pressing a button. Once you do that run right and jump the snake things, don't get bombed, and avoid the eels that chase you in the water.