This is a listing of all the mini games for The Forest World. These are in no Particular Order.

Picking Flowers in the Woods:

A large map with a path running from south to north. with openings to the east and west. run around and when you see a flower hit f to pick it up.

Harvesting Plums:

Run from left to right. hit f or enter to grab a tree and r or backspace to harvist the plumbs.

The wasp's lake:

Running left to right you just have to reach the end. You must avoid being stung by the wasps. you can swim under water in this game but remember to come up for air. V to check your health under water. careful to the little islands may stop you coming up for air.

The Hedgehog's Path:

Run from left to right jumping the hedgehogs. Careful the hedgehogs can change direction. spacebar to jump.

The Mushroom's Path:

Run to the north avoidding getting to close to the mushrooms when they spray. Tip once a marshroom sprays you have a few seconds that you can get close to it.

Climb the Trees:

Move from left to right. if you can't go any more to the right you either have to climb higher to find another path or if you are as high as you can go climb back down. remember to avoid the wasps.

The Hunting Ants:

A large square that you can run around the outside of with several cross paths. all you have to do is run and avoid getting eatten by the ants. But careful they can run at you from several different directions.

A Race Through the Woods:

Follow the path and listen for the indecaters for which way to turn.

The Forest's Bonuses:

Run left to right and when you hear a bonus dig down to it by press f or enter repeatedly and holding the down arrow.

Mycological Walk:

Run from left to right, grab the good mushrooms and leave the toxic ones. F or enter to pick up a mushroom. r or backspace to throw all your mushrooms and d to check how many you are holding.

Measuring Trees:

Listen to the sound of the tree. use the number row to go through the different trees. and when you find the one that sounds like the example hit and that number to cut it.