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Stream 126: TBlaze’s T Bags (PGA Tour 2K21)


Smoke and Pyro play some casual golf with special guest TBlaze. We were accused of swindeling and bamboozling, but Blaze survived in the end. We won’t mention our scores because they aren’t important, but we did learn what a shank is thanks to...

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Stream 124: They Don’t Believe In Me (hades)


Smoke does the Hades, and Hannibal gives moral support, along with encouraging music on the recorder. The third world is reached, but it gets very rough, and hell is not escaped, but it shall be one day. The chat is not supportive, and some tears are...

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Stream 125: I Like Rope (Crazy Party)


We play some Crazy Party and giveaway money to whoever can beat us in the parties. This happens twice, but the random number generator picks Sito as the winner. Our guest had technical difficulties, so it is just Hannibal and Smoke, but with the help of..

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Stream 123: False Accessibility Advertizing (Far Cry 6)


This stream is our first look at Far Cry 6, and it is one of the biggest let downs of the year. The game was marketed as being accessible, but the act of playing could not be any less accessible. You cannot play if you are totally blind, or if you...

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Stream 122: Blame The Victim @MrTBlaze (crazy party)


This stream is a hell of a lot of fun! We have on special guest <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">@MrTBlaze</a> on for the first time. He has almost no experience with CP, but it's all about the random...

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Highlights From Stream 94: Hades, He's a subtle Racist!


In this stream Smoke plays Hades and Hannibal does his special type of moral support. Today's stream was more about having some drinks and playing a game for the first time. The game is very playable, but time has to be spent to learn the...

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