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Stream 159: Eagle and Hacks (PGA Tour 2k21)

This was exactly what we needed. A fun but more relaxed stream of golf. We got to introduce some new players to the game, Smoke got an eagle, Hannibal became a pro putter, and the drink of choice was water. Sometimes it is good to kick back and just...
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Stream 158: #HannibalStreamsForever (Stardew Valley)

We always have so many plans with Stardew, but then we have some drinks and things happen in the game that are ungood. This was also the case with this stream, we do go to skull caverns, and that results in much death. Smoke fails at fishing somehow, Hann
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Stream 157: Second Singing Competition

This stream was everything we wanted and so so much more. These singing competition streams are truly something. It is astonishing how many amazingly talented and not talented singers there are out there, and how great and horrible they can be. The only
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Stream 156: Punch Him In The Shit Flute (Chess Boxing)

If not our most fun stream ever, it was certainly up there at the top. We don’t game this time, instead we do a fight companion to the chess boxing card. The fights run about 30 minutes behind, but we spend that time chatting it up with folks on twitch
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Stream 155: Smoke Dies From Hiccups (Hearthstone sponsored by @dbzfn94)

This stream is brought to everyone by @dbzfn94 on twitter AKA LeonianUniverse on Twitch. We play all the hearthstone, and it all goes surprisingly well for the first few matches, then the priest ruins the stream. Hannibal has some troubling sexual
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