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The live stream archives for BSG streams as well as any future content to come.

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Stream 153: Scrambling For Lady Kaianne (Scramble)

We stream some Scramble as requested by the patreon Lady Kaianne. This time Hannibal gets to do all the running to-and-fro while Smoke gets to drink and yell about his lack of professional game play. There is a lot of death, but that's practically
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Stream 152: Pocket Cheese & Whiskey Nipples (Alter Aeon)

A lot of Alter Aeon happens on this stream. We take a few patreons on an adventure of glory, and they die a lot, then some more. We start off on our lower level characters, then switch to our mains and go fuck some shit up. griffins, nudists, barbarians,
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Stream 151: Keep Your Mouth Closed (Sequence Storm)

Hannibal plays Sequence Storm and it is all of the fun. Smoke rides as his trusty co-pilot and gives him all the helpful information. The beer gong is also controlled by Smoke in this one, and he makes the most of it. We learn Hannibal loses
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Stream 150: Fondling Fanny (WWE 2k22)

This archive is a touch delayed, but it is out now nevertheless. @BlindSito requested some WWE 2k22 and Smoke plays WWE 2k22 with what could be considered help from Hannibal. A match with a British person happens, then Smoke goes to career mode with his..
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Stream 149: BSG Six Year Anniversary Stream, 5 games in 5 hours

This is the long awaited BSG 6 year anniversary stream! We try to play PGA first, but realize the network code breaks on Smoke’s end for some reason when there are four players. After that patreons join for some Alter Aeon. Then We do some CP with...
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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 411 MB - Duration: 5:17:12m (173 kbps 44100 Hz)

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