The Circus Description

The circus  a world of fun and laughter. But careful. or this place might just send you mad!


Number of mini games:  13
Paths:  1
Endings:  3
Bonus Mini games:  0


This game has really only got 1 path. But it splits in 2 places, the second of which can change the ending so I will talk about both below.

This first split can be found after the game speedy reaction.  You can either head north and play rolling balls and guess the number. Heading south will allow you to play the sticks game and hammer the nail. These reconnect at the game the book mark.

Split 2:
This second split happens after the game working waiter. You can either head north and play the bouncing ground and get the first ending. You can also head south  and play extinguish the wick and get  the second ending. If you get 20 points on working waitor then a path to the east will open up, this east path leads to the Space world.


ending 1:
Playing the bouncing ground unlocks the first ending which will unlock the heights world.
Ending 2:
Found after extinguish the wick and it unlocks the volcano world.
Ending 3:
20 points on Working Waiter unlocks a path that leads to the game Small bridge for duck, after this the path leads to the Space world.

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