The city Description

This world has the largest number of mini games and I'll be honest can get confusing. Instead of having paths it has allot of forks in the path. So I will break this world down in to having just 1 path and focus on trying to describe all the different points the path splits.


Number of mini games:  21
Paths:  1
Endings:  3
Bonus Mini games:  1


This world has a single path that splits allot. So instead of saying it has many paths I will call them splits.

First split:
After the game catch the rats you will come to a piece of road that runs from north  to south. If you follow this road north you will play cross the road and count the cars. If you head south you will play marking the road and road reperations. These paths both join back up at the next game which is destroy the small cars.

Split 2:
You will play 2 more games destroy the small cars and small car driver before the path splits again. here once again you can go north or south. going south and following the path will take you to aquarium photographer, while going to the north will take you to funny bowling.  both of these games will take you to the next split.\

Split 3.
Yet again it is north or south, north will let you play crossing a studio while south will take you to the musical doors. After these you will find the next split.

split 4
Here you can go east or west. east will take you to the braille test  and west will take you to exercise on Calligraphies. After this it will take you to the final section of this world.

Split 5:
You will find yourself in a path that goes from east to west. To the east is a safety deposit box. Follow the path to the west to find the game The top of the Sky Scrapers. after this game you will come to a path that runs north to south. Going north will take you to the electric tower and the first ending.
If you head south you will play tree prooning and ant traps and find the second ending.
When you head south  you will find a path that heads east  and than it heads south to the second ending. if the second time you head north you will find the game paparacci's madness. Play this path to find the third ending.

bonuses mini games:

If you get 20 points on the top of the sky scrapers you will unlock a path to the north. Here you will find the bonus game Bonuses on travelators.


The first ending past the electric tower will unlock the factory.
The second ending past ant traps will unlock the underground.
The third ending past paparacci's madness will unlock the plains.

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