The desert Description

This is a world that is relatively long considering it only has 1 ending however it does have a split path in the middle. Watch out for the snake you will find it hard to charm.


Number of mini games:  19
Paths:  2
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  3

This world has just 1 ending but two paths you can use to get to it. There is a split early on but this is for bonus mini games. follow path 2 here to avoid having to play the game charm the snake.

Path 1:
after  pasturing the camel  you will come to a point you  can go north or south. south will take you to the game drip drop and you can keep following this path all the way to the end.

path 2:
If you head north after pasturing the camel you will come to a game called polinate the date palms. Follow this path to avoid having to playing charm the snake. this path will reconnect to the main path at the pyramids doors and go to the ending.

bonus mini games:

This world has 3 bonus mini games. You unlock mirages or bonuses by getting 20 points on path across the cactuses. geting any points on mirages or bonuses will take you to desert express. If you get points on the express you will rejoin the main path at pasturing the cammel.
The third 1 is after haunted ruins. Get 20 points here and you will unlock a path to the east which will take you to crystal rain. if you get 20 points here it will take you to thursty mountain.


This world has just 1 ending and it unlocks the Darkness.

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