The Factory Description

This world is full of electricity and pipes. also robots. because robots.


Number of mini games:  18
Paths:  2
Endings:  2
Bonus Mini games:  2


There are 2 paths and two endings in this world. After the first game there is a split, but the split meets up and then splits again at the same point of robot quality control/electrical path. Robot Quality control leads to the playroom world, electrical path leads to the circus world.

The first path is the one that takes you to the circus world. There are two ways of getting to it. After the first game (dangerous Frisbees) you can go east or south. south will take you through a series of games until after strange pools it leads to electrical path. If after dangerous Frisbees you go east you will play through a couple games until Robot Quality Control which gives you the option of south or east. South also leads to electrical path. Everything after electrical path will take you to the circus world.

Path 2:
If after Robot Quality Control you choose to go east it will lead to the game Adjusting the generators. This is the start of the second path and it will lead you to the playroom world. There are four games you have to play through with an optional extra game. Both Sort the battle cards and Dice fabrication lead to the end of the world.

bonuses mini games:

2 bonus games can be found in this world.
Getting 20 points on across the sewers will unlock a path to the south. here you will play its raining bonuses and than electric labyrinth before this off shoot rejoins the main path. 


This world has two endings. The circus through path 1, and the playroom through path 2.

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