The Plains Description

From cannons to flowers this world has it all. Watch out for the bikes.


Number of mini games:  19
Paths:  2
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  3

The 2 paths in this game are in the middle of the world and just offer 2 different path ways to reach the ending.

The path split is found after the game the frisbees of piece. If you go north you will find the first path. which starts with horses jumping and after storm on the rainbow meats the other path at the game Bridge Construction.

Path 2:
If you go south from the Frisbees of piece you will come to the game Bicycle path. This path  leads to the bulls enclosure, then it joins the other path at the game bridge construction.

bonuses mini games:

This world has 3 bonus mini games that form almost  another little path.
Getting 20 points on storm on the rainbow will unlock the game bonuses in the clouds.
20 points on the bulls enclosure will unlock bonuses and bulls.
20 points on either bonuses in bulls or bonuses in the clouds will unlock a path to the east which leads to clandestine arena. If you then get 20 points on clandestine arena as well it will unlock another path to the east which leads straight to bridge construction.


This world has just 1 ending. After the game powder recipe you can either head north or south. to the north is the game coloured flowers while south is turn the die. Both these games when beaten take you to the 1 ending of the game which unlocks the circus.

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