The Playroom Description

This is a collection of games with a lot of them based on random chance. No one knows why it is called the Playroom but it is.


Number of mini games:  14
Paths:  1
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  none


This world has a pretty straight forward path which is very similar to the circus. There is really one path but it is in the shape of a chain. There are two games in each section, both of which lead to the same place east.

There is really one path, as long as you go east after every path you'll get to the end. Picture it like a chain. For example after the first game of Key fabrication you go east. You can then go north to the game Fill the basin, or south to the game Fatal stairs. No matter what one you choose they both lead to the next game Rock paper scissors. Then after Rock paper scissors it does the same thing, you can go north to Keyboard pro or south to Crazy Crazy. It continues like this all the way to the end of the world which leads to the Heights.

bonuses mini games:

Though there are no bonus mini games in this world, there are boxes inside of each of the links of the chain as explained above. Just go west when inside one of the wider parts of the link and you'll find a box.


This world only has one ending and that is the Heights.

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