The Playroom Profile

This is a collection of games with a lot of them based on random chance. No one knows why it is called the Playroom but it is.


Number of mini games:  14
Paths:  1
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  none


This world has a pretty straight forward path which is very similar to the circus. There is really one path but it is in the shape of a chain. There are two games in each section, both of which lead to the same place east.

There is really one path, as long as you go east after every path you'll get to the end. Picture it like a chain. For example after the first game of Key fabrication you go east. You can then go north to the game Fill the basin, or south to the game Fatal stairs. No matter what one you choose they both lead to the next game Rock paper scissors. Then after Rock paper scissors it does the same thing, you can go north to Keyboard pro or south to Crazy Crazy. It continues like this all the way to the end of the world which leads to the Heights.

bonuses mini games:

Though there are no bonus mini games in this world, there are boxes inside of each of the links of the chain as explained above. Just go west when inside one of the wider parts of the link and you'll find a box.


This world only has one ending and that is the Heights.

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Games of The Playroom

Crazy Crazy:

The letters C R A Z Y are arranged randomly in front of you. you have to step on them in the right order to get 10 points. step onto the letters, then off and on to the next correct order. rinse and repeat.

Fill the basin:

A game identical to hammer the nail, only with unknown weird mechanics. Just get the basin filled up without over filling it.

Rock paper scissors:

The normal rock paper scissors game only with wells and bombs. You choose your deck at the start. use some strategy and try to beat the duck.

Fatal stairs:

Another game based purely on a random number generator. You role a 6 or 12 side die and try to get to the top of the stairs without falling off. finish ahead of the duck and get a positive score.

Fatal draw:

Another random chance game. You draw up to 5 cards, each card is worth a certain amount. You have to get as close to the limit without going over. Sort of like blackjack only with completely different cards with different values.

Type the numbers:

If you have a number pad this couldn't be easier. just type the numbers you are given.

Braille numbers:

You are given numbers to write in the sand. Write as many of them as you can. F to place a dot, R to erase it.

Keyboard pro:

You have to run around on a keyboard. Run to the letter it tells you to in the few seconds you are given.

Monster card battle:

A long game. You have cards, the other guy has cards. You hit him and try and kill his cards before you die. yeah it doesn't make much sense but have fun anyway.

Crazy geography:

You are given mini-game names. You have to place them in the world they belong in.

Excursion through the caves:

You have a map that tells you left, right, or middle. run through the caves and make it all the way north. Watch out for the swirls.

Read the die:

The number of a die is shown in sand. run around the area and figure out the number, then type it on your keyboard. You don't have much time though.

The bicolor area:

Colored buttons on crack. You are on a grid and with red and blue tiles. Each time you press F your square and all 8 touching squares switch color. hit D to find the goal for the game and try and get that many red and blue tiles on the map.

Key fabrication:
the worst game ever created if you are tone or pitch deaf. you have to match your notes to the notes given. you cannot stop the notes once they start playing, and you cannot change your notes while they are playing. left and right to move between notes, up and down to change the tone.

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