Alter Aeon

Here you can find links and descriptions of all the information on BSG relating to the fantasy MUD Alter Aeon. This is a small section, but it will grow as more sections and articles are suggested. If you want to get started altering the best thing to do is read all the articles here, then the articles on which are also linked up below. The information in this section is not for the experienced player, if you are looking for that the posts on Alter Aeon's official articles page covers topics for a wider level range of players.

About Clan Snoodashiff

This whole section is being written because of clan snoodashiff. This has been a collective effort by everyone in the clan. Here you'll find some information about the clan, how to potentially join, and the clan roster.
About Clan Snoodashiff

Classes & Subclasses For a New Player

This is a mini-section of four pages which is also part of the articles page, but one which is so important it is also here on the Alter home. Picking a difficult primary class with an impossible secondary class can ruin your game. For this reason all new players should check out all the pages in this section. Classes & Subclasses For a New Player

BSG's Alter Aeon Articles Home

An assortment of different articles on many different topics like how to pick classes, what to use practices on, why carve, why cast is important, and much more. These are written for those new to the game, with experience gained first hand. These are specifically targeted at new players. These are BSG articles, not the same as the articles at
BSG Alter Aeon Articles Home

Equipment Locations

Here you will find a simple listing of class specific equipment along with what maps it can be found on. Gathering a full set of cast or skill level equipment can be very difficult as a new player. This should make that a lot easier. This isn't a hand holding, just letting you know what map to find the equipment on. You'll still have to play the game and locate it on your own once on the proper map, but that's all part of the game.
Equipment Locations

Alter Aeon Command Listing

This page is a complete listing of all the commands in game as of March 1 2021. Each command has a short description of what it does. This can be very helpful to understand all the different options and how to use each one when playing.
Alter Aeon Command Listing Blind Support Page

This page links directly to Alter Aeon's official blind support page at This is where you want to go for information about the different mud clients, and how to set them up. This is also where you go to get information on Mush-Z, and to download it. Blind Support Page Official Wiki

This wiki was not made or managed by anyone here on BSG, but it has quite a bit of useful information. If you are a wiki person, There is something for just about every aspect of Alter. Some people have issues with Wiki organization, but if you don't this will be a good resource.
Alter Aeon Official Wiki Complete Area Listing

This is the official area listing located at This is not openly linked on the homepage of alter aeon, so it is also linked up here for easier access. This lists every area in game along with what maps are nearby. This can be very useful when trying to find a map.
Alter Aeon Complete Area Listing Official Articles Page

This links directly to the alter Aeon official articles page at A lot of these are out of date, and some of the information is incorrect, but you can still learn quite a bit from browsing the different posts. It is worth the time spent to get a better idea of different game mechanics. Official Articles Page