Chris B / zuckuss\'s Manamon Playthrough Home

Here you will find the playthrough Chris B made for manamon. You can jump by heading for the different parts of the playthrough. Clicking on a heading will load the media player for that specific part. On the media player page there is also a link to download a copy of each part as a mp3 file.

Part 0: Let Me Explain

An introduction, where the game playthrough is explained, and some strategies are revealed.

Part 1: The Journey Begins

The game begins with getting to Amica Town and completing the trail.

Part 2: Through The Woods

Traveling through the woods, arriving in Hazeldale City, and getting to the Bell Tower.

Part 3: One More Chingle And I'll

Getting through the Bell Tower and taking on the first stadium.

Part 4: Path To Distruction

Getting through Sqien Path and going through the tunnel to end up in Hanshire Village.

Part 5: One Ring To Rule Them All

Doing some things in Hanshire and finishing the tunnel.

Part 6: This Place Is Haunted

Getting through High Park Road and taking on the second stadium.

Part 7: Get Out Before She Blows

Getting through Hedra Way and starting Mount Cinder.

Part 8: Holy Moses

Finishing Mount Cinder and taking on the third stadium.

Part 9: The Trail To Nowhere

Getting through Brightwater Trail and starting the Secret Hideout.

Part 10: Games Are For Kids

Finishing the Secret Hideout and starting the jungle.

Part 11: Welcome To The Jungle

Finishing the jungle and taking on the fourth stadium.

Part 12: I See Dead People

Starting the Tangerial Tower.

Part 13: Monster In The Closet

Finishing the Tangerial Tower and starting the sewers.

Part 14: To Grandmother's House We Go

Finishing the sewers and arriving in the next city.

Part 15: This Is Just Like Magic

Taking on the fifth stadium and starting the factory.

Part 16: At Least Some People Are Employed Around Here

Continuing the factory.

Part 17: We'll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Finishing the factory and starting Starwalk Mountain.

Part 18: Go Rest High On That Mountain

Finishing Starwalk Mountain.

Part 19: It's Snowing

Taking on the sixth stadium, traveling to Paladin Point, and starting the Tangerian Sea.

Part 20: A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Finishing the Tangerian Sea, arriving in Opal Bay, traveling through the valley, and getting through the Ruin Tunnel.

Part 21: Damsel In Distress

Finishing the Valley, taking on the seventh stadium, and starting Shadow Kingdom.

Part 22: The Heart Of Downtown Hell

Continuing through Shadow Kingdom.

Part 23: He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

Beating Octorus, beating Irodium, taking on the sixth stadium leader, and arriving in Master's Rest.

Part 24: The Path To Nowhere

Starting Ascendance Path.

Part 25: We Are The Champions My Friends

Finishing Ascendance Path and taking on the master stadium.

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