Hades Menu Guides with example sounds

Below you'll find the menu guides for the Rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades. This guide only covers the menus, not the game play. There are not many menus in the game, and they are quite simple to navigate. Most options also have a different sound for toggled on or off as well.
To listen to the different sounds of the UI just look for the buttons under the information heading for each section..

main menu

This menu has four options in a vertical menu on the left side of the screen. These are easily read with OCR. They are also very low vision friendly. The letters are white on a dark background. When you move through the options the selected option is highlighted in orange.
On the bottom of the screen is a horizontal menu made up of graphics. If you arrow down past quit you will be on the left most of these options. Pressing down arrow wraps back up to play, but right or left arrow will go through the horizontal menu. These are overall useless except for the discord option if you wish to join the Supergiant Games discord. They are also white with black text and OCR does not like to read them. Most of the screens are unknown to me.

Main Menu Options



Patch Notes


*Start of Bottom horizontal main menu

an overlay

Supergiant Games Discord

an overlay

an overlay with a very loud video

merch overlay

right arrow or down arrow at this point wraps to play

play menu

When you choose to play you are brought to the save slots page.
There are four of them from left to right, and you will be on the left most slot.
under each active slot is a delete option. deleting only happens after you save over the slot. to delete press A/X on the option under the slot then left arrow and A/X again.
the save slot page does not wrap left right or up down. very easy to navigate.
To make a new save slot just go to the slot you want. You can press left arrow and or up to make sure you are on the left most slot, then navigate with right arrow to go to the slot you want to use. You should probably stick with the left most one to start out with.

Important Note:
I don't remember if the below is an option for the first save slot, or if it is only for future slots. When selecting a new save slot, it will ask you what mode you wish to use. I believe that Up is normal mode, down is hell mode. It does not wrap up and down, you just pick the one you want. OCR does say something about the mode and that it cannot be changed later, so I'd be careful with this option. Seems once a slot is saved as one type it can not be changed back later. I am fairly certain that the up most option is the normal mode, and that is what you'll want to go with.

Once you choose the mode then you are given some dialog by the narrator and you are in your first room. If you have installed the accessible mods then a paper sound will play and you will be on the door selection screen. Simply press A/X to make the door looping sound, walk to the sound and use RB/R1 to interact with the door and go kill stuff.

Options Menu Information

This is a very straight forward menu. it is just a vertical menu in the middle of the screen. It is also very low vision friendly with large white letters on a dark background. The highlighted option is in a dark red color.

Options Menu






Settings Menu Information

This is not a standard menu. The menu has six options at the top which are laid out vertically. Then below that there is a three column layout. Each of the three columns have three settings which can be changed. Then below the three columns is a restore option.

I will refer to the vertical section as the vertical menu, then the part of the settings which is in the columns will be referred to as left column, middle column, and right column.

by default just down arrowing will put you into the left column. If you down arrow all the way to the last option of reset, then your curser is actually in the middle of the screen. Because of this if you up arrow from this point you will be on the bottom most option of the middle column which is screen shake.

Once you understand the layout it is quite easy to navigate. I'll include a pop-out table to show the layout and hopefully make it easier to visualize.

Settings Menu

*Vertical Section

Master Volume: left right

Music Volume: left right

SFX Volume: left right

Voice Volume: left right

Brightness: left right

*left column

subtitles: on off

vibration: on off

bright cursor: off on

*middle column

God mode: off on

mouse lock: on off

screen shake: on off

*Right Column

timer display: off on

damage numbers: on off

Transmit data: on off

*bottom section


Controls Menu Information

This is a simple menu that is made difficult by what can only be described as a bug. The normal toggle on and off sounds are backwards for the first two options of the menu, and one of these is the most important option on this screen. Because of this backwards bug I'll note it in the menu listing below.

This is a straight forward menu, because only the first three options, and the bottom two matter. This won't cover how to remap your controls to the game, just the options that can be toggled at the top of this screen, and the dead zone slider at the bottom of the screen.

The easiest way to get to the dead zone slider is to go all the way down to reset (the menu does not wrap). Then up one and you'll be on the dead zone slider.

Controls Menu

Aim Assist: on off (toggle sounds are reversed)

Attack at Cursor: on off (toggle sounds are reversed)

Dash at Cursor: off on

three columns of Button assignments take up the majority of the remaining options

dead zone: left right slider


Display Menu Information

This is a very simple vertical menu that does not wrap. When selecting a resolution you have to confirm. press A/X on the resolution you want, then left arrow, then A/X again and it will be changed. It may require a game restart to fully take effect, I don't know.

Display Menu

full screen: off on

borderless: off on

VSync: on off

1024 x 768

1280 x 720

1280 x 800

1280 x 960

1280 x 1024

1366 x 768

1600 x 900

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

Languages Menu Information

This is a very straight forward vertical menu. Unlike the other menus in the options section, this one does wrap however, so keep that in mind if choosing a new language.
There are three unknown options I have listed at the bottom. This is because they are not letters and symbols I know.

Languages Menu






Pyccknn (russian?)






Pause Menu Information

This is a straight forward vertical menu that wraps. It is mainly just a way to change settings in game and to quit your current run.
The give up option is almost always greyed out for me. Also to exit you need to select exit, then by default you are on the confirm option. If you aren't then press left arrow to highlight it and A/X to actually exit.

Pause Menu





give up (normally greyed out)