Recordings from arena 1

These are the recordings with commentary I recorded from the arena i was a reff in. Akilor's recording will be up when i get the file from him.

you can simply jump by heading to move between the fights. under each fight there is the option to download it as mp3 or to listen to it using a simple audio player. i would suggest just downloading them as thhe audio player is not made for listening to files of any real length.


There is no fight 4 or 12 recorded, one of the teams did not show up so there was nothing to record.

Fight 2: ball weeners vs. pool team 1

Fight 6: vipernica vs. lalala team


fight 8: wild ice brothers vs. iranian warriors

fight 10: crazy turks vs. pool team 1

fight 13, semifinal 1, wild ice brothers vs. ball kickers

fight 14, semifinal 2, crazy turks vs. lalala team

fight 15, the final fight, ball kickers vs. crazy turks