Recordings from arena 1

These are the recordings from the arena I was reffing. In the first fight it is just me comentating, after that I am joined by Pyro for the rest of the fights.

If you would like to listen to the arena Akilor was a ref in, you can view the archive of his livestream on youtube.


We had a no show for a team with fight 3 so there is no option for that fight.

You can jump by heading for each fight. Under each heading is a link to play the audio from the fight and a link to download the file. I would suggest downloading the files as the media player is not meant for playing anything of any real length.

Fight1: The Ball Suckers vs Pool Team 3

Fight3: The Flying Monkies vs Pool Team 1

Fight5: The Super Turks vs The Dream Team

Fight7: The Ball Weeners vs The GLJB Masters

Fight9: quarterfinals, The Ball Suckers vs The Assassins.

Fight11: quarterfinals, The Flying Monkies vs The Duck Pond Team

Fight13: semifinals, The Ball Suckers vs RPX

Fight 14: semifinal, The Duck Pond Team vs GLJB Masters

Fight15: final fight, The Ball Suckers vs The Duck Pond Team