The Battle Marked and Destroyed Forest

this is an interesting map in that it forces your pk on when you enter it's boarders, but it is very worth it in the loot you can find. some of which is grenades, shotgun shells, pop cans and survival packs.

it can be broken up into 4 very distinct and easy to explain quadrants.

  • the beach around the map's borders
  • the climbable gullys that seperate the quadrants.
  • the dirty stream
  • the south west quadrant
  • the south east quadrant
  • the north west quadrant
  • the north east quadrant

the beach

the map is surrounded by a beach and ocean, it is an island afterall. the north, south, east, and west edges are beach, all zoned as north, south, east, or west shoreline.

the gullys

these are the only way to get into the map's interior and actually explore it. they run north south, and east west. you can track them as swamp. they have climbable walls which you can climb up to explore the different quadrants.

shallow dirty stream

this runs all the way from the southern shoreline through the north south gully and into the northern shoreline.

The South Western Quadrant

this part of the map is pretty safe, it has some mainly low dirt burms with 1 high one. In the northern section of this quadrant are also 3 destroyed tanks you can climb on top of and explore.

South Eastern Quadrant

this is a part of the map kind of shaped like a minature mountain. At it's top is a dirt barricade you have to climb over to get inside. after getting inside, you can find 3 anti aircraft guns.

North Western Quadrant

This quadrant is pretty simple and fairly safe as well. it has allot of trees scattered all through it. along with the trees there are 3 burning rocket craters.

North East Quadrant

This part of the map is the coolest. here you will find a crashed airplane in 3 different sections. the tail section, the Fuselage, and the cockpit.

borders of the battle marked and destroyed forest

  • An ocean to the North.
  • an ocean to the east
  • An ocean to the South.
  • An ocean to the West

landmarks of the battle marked and destroyed forest

the beaches
there are 4 of them. the southern, eastern, northern, and western shorelines. there is both sand and water here.

the 2 gullys
there is both the north south gully, and the east west gully. they seperate the quadrants of the map. the gully walls are climbable, this is the only way into the map's center and the quadrants. the gullys can be tracked as swamp.

the shallow dirty stream
this runs from the southern shoreline, through the north south gully, and all the way up through the northern shoreline. it isn't anything special, just a stream. it can be tracked as shallow water.

the anti aircraft guns
these are located at the top of the south eastern quadrant inside the dirt barricade. this is the most difficult geography of the map, but still pretty simple to climb up.

the dirt berms
these are located in the south west quadrant. they are all only a couple tiles high except for 1 which you can climb down to not lose health.

destroyed tanks
these are located in the north of the south west quadrant. they are climbable and on fire.

rocket craters
these are located in the north west quadrant. they are not really trackable as they are surrounded by dirt and there is allot of other dirt on the map. however they run generally from the south west of the quadrant Diagonally to the north east of the quadrant.

tail section of crashed plane
this is located in the south west of the north eastern quadrant. it is fully climbable and you can go inside it. however getting down after climbing on top of it will cost you some health.

Fuselage of crashed plane
this is located generally in the middle of the north east quadrant, more south then north. it is also climbable, both the body section and the wings. you can go inside it as well from the west and through the north and south doors on it's sides.

cockpit of crashed plane
this is located at the far east of the Fuselage in a crater. it is a complete cluster of debris, but you can get down and back up without losing any health.

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