The Bear Forest

Though nearly everyone in game calls this map the Bear Forest. Its proper name is, The Forest In The Middle Of Nowhere, but Bear Forest is it's common name. The Bear Forest is a rather simple map, no one goes to it for it's geography, rather they go for the challenge of hunting Bears.

There are only 3 parts worth noting to the bear forest:

  • the Western half
  • The Eastern half
  • And the stream that splits the two halves

The Western Half

This section of the bear forest is where you will find all the trees. These trees are much taller than those on the Mainland, and you can die from falling out of the taller ones. The Western Half is also where the majority of the Bears are. If you want to start finding them go about 80 to 120 tiles West of the mud in the stream that splits the map.

The Eastern Half

This part of the bear forest is rather unremarkable. It has no trees and rarely will you find a bear on this side. It is just flat and boring, whenever anyone goes to the bear forest they just go West, East doesn't hold anything.

Borders of the Bear Forest

Landmarks of the Bear Forest

the stream
this runs north south, it splits the map in half, and it leads south into the Mountain map.

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