The irradiated City

This map has allot going on, but I'll try to break it down some. There will not be too much details given as it is a quest heavy map.

The harbors

These are not actual harbors, but more like shorelines or beaches around the city. There is a northern, eastern, southern, and western harbor that all lead to deep oceans. They are sand and completely surround the city.

The East West Rodes

The roads that run east and west starting from the southern most are

south country lane.
mainland lane.
Oak lane.
Kimberly lane.
Blackscreen lane. I had nothing to do with this.
Juniper lane.
Shelter lane.
North country lane.

The north south rodes

the north south roads from west to east.

Shift enter road.
Samvil road.
Harbour road.

All the buildings

These are all around the map between the roads. allot of them are destroyed but allot are also old versions of stores. different things spawn depending on what building you are near.

borders of The irradiated City

  • it is surrounded on all sides by oceans.
  • Under the city is The sewers.

landmarks of The irradiated City

There is so much going on it is hard to list landmarks for the city
The entry point to the sewers
This is trackable as metal and there are diffferent entry points all over the city in different buildings.
These are mainly trackable as concrete or gravel.

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