This is a big and very detailed building located north on the 4th northern cliffs on a piece of land that jutts out into the great northern ocean. This description will only give a rough outline of the layout of the castle, and not list and tell you where every room and section is.

general layout of the castle

the castle's main section is a big open room that is about 50 by 50, there are 5 levels to this section if you include the dungeon.

on every section of the main room there is a tower, you can get to it from any corner of the main section. there is a south west, south east, north west,, and north east tower.

that is the basic layout, but in each tower there are multiple rooms, and in each floor of the main section there is allot to find and see. as i said it is very detailed, so have fun exploring all of it.

landmarks of the_castle

explore and find them
they are somewhere

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