The Tropical Island

This little island is tucked away in the middle of a bunch of oceans. It is not large but still has a challenge for those looking to get into its center. There will not be much info given on this map because it is very quest specific.

rough part of the ocean of average depth

This part of the ocean surrounds the island and is divable.

borders of The Tropical Island

  • all 4 sides have more oceans.

landmarks of The Tropical Island

rough part of the ocean of average depth
>If you paddle to the ocean you have to pass through this section, it is divabble and there are sharks under the water here.
The beach
As a beach on an island would, this completely surrounds the island.
The actual island
You have to climb up to the actual island from the beach.
Valley at sea level
This is more of a box than a valley, but nevertheless it is in the center of the island, and you must use one of the tree paths to get inside of it.

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