The Chemical Warehouse

This warehouse, well the simple way to put it is it is a nightmare. It is very very small, the pattern is almost Nonexistent, and crates are hiding in all sorts of places which are either hard to get to, or hard to get out of. Add to that a fire that pretty much covers the entire main floor and also takes away health, and you have complete hell.

This warehouse has a simple footprint, but what is inside the map sucks balls. it is pretty much just a square with package rollers on the east and western walls. in the middle of the warehouse is crates/pallets and a fire that takes away health when you are in it. there is also a main office in the south east part of the main floor. On the southern wwall are 4 sets of stairs that lead to 4 different venting towers.

some obsticals and details to be aware of

The package rollers
These are located on the eastern and the western walls of the warehouse.
they run perpindicular to the wall except in the ccorners where they butt up against the north and south walls and run parallel to the east and west walls.
The crates and or pallets
These are scattered all through the middle of the warehouse floor.
The fire
This covers allot of the main floor of the warehouse.
When you run through the fire you lose health.
The main office
this is located in the main floor of the warehouse in the south east.
You enter into it by traveling south, and the door to the office is trackable.
It has 2 rooms, the main office and the monitoring station
the monitoring station has crates inside it, and the main office has a manager's desk.
The front door
This is located on the northern wall of the warehouse.
There is a sort of entry way around it with a seating section.
you travel north to get into the seating/reception area, and to travel outside of the warehouse.
The venting towers
These have stairs that run up to them, and all of them are located on the southern wall of the warehouse.
The eastern most venting tower is 4, and the western most is 1.
Venting tower 4 and 1 have 1 set of stairs leading up to them before you turn into the main venting tower.
Venting tower 2 and 3 have 2 sets of stairs leading up into them and the bend is not as deep as the turn into venting towers 1 and 4.

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