the large warehouse

This warehouse is in the shape of a giant letter U. the prongs of the U are repackaging on the left, and quality control on the right. the bottom left is the southern dock, and the bottom right is the northern dock. above the northern and southern docks is the main floor. the two docks are seperated by a catwalk you have to travel around to get from one to the other. directly in the middle, between repackaging and quality control in the open spot is a parking lot. then just below the parking lot is a roof and a second floor. the second floor is located between the main floor and the parking lot which is outside.

when you join the mission you are in a semi truck bed that is located on the eastern wall of the northern dock. you will always be facing west when you start the mission in the large warehouse. if you run straight after joining you will be on the northern dock of the warehouse.

some obsticals and details to be aware of

the package rollers
these are in the east of the northern and southern docks
they run east and west, but do not go all the way to the eastern warehouse wall
the only exception is in the corners of the southern and northern docks, here there is 1 roller that runs north and south and travels all the way to the wall
large and small crates of the main floor
these are located roughly in the middle of the main floor
the southern side of the main floor has 1 really big crate
the northern side of the main floor has 3 large crates. 2 smaller ones near the northern wall, and a larger one just south of them..
the middle of the main floor has small crates, just west of the catwalk
the huge steel shelves
these are located on the southern wall of the warehouse, south of the main floor
they butt up against the southern wall and run north and south
just east of the last huge steel shelf is a group of small crates on the southern dock before the package rollers begin
the second floor
this is located exactly in the middle of the warehouse west of the main floor
it sticks out into the main floor a little bit
there are stairs on the north and south of the second floor to get up onto it.
there are small crates located on the eastern side of the second floor
quality control
quality control is in the north west of the warehouse, and is the upper right part of the U shape of the warehouse.
you have to travel west through the door into quality control
it is filled up with small crates, and it has windows on all of it's walls
this is located in the south west of the warehouse, it is the left prong of the U shape.
you have to travel west through the doors to get into repack
in the south east of repack is a break room. you travel south to get into it.
in the north east of repack are a few small crates.
the southern wall is a caved in roof and it is wide open

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