The Strip Mall Description by Hannibal

This map is a rough square. The 6 stores are arranged around an l shaped Parking lot.

The Northern stores of the strip mall

Starting in the north west corner. The jewelery store, the candy store and the video rental make up the north side of the map.

The Jewelery store
This is the smallest of all the stores, with Just one entry point through a broken window in the south.
A counter and a few empty shelves is all you will find in this store.
The candy store
This is to the east of the Jewelery store. Also like the Jewelery store its entry is to the south.
It also has several windows that can break to the south. Which give it a wide open feel once the windows have broken.
Inside, , a check out, some empty candy boxes and some shelves make up the middle of the store. There is a clear path around the outside of these on the edge of the store.
Video rental
This is to the east of candy. Its main entry is to the south.
It also has several windows to the south that can break.
There is a small entry point on the east wall in to the connected servess area.
In side several rows of movies make up the inside with path ways around and through the rows.
The connected servess area
It is to the east of video rental.
The connected servess area
This is to the east of video rental.
This is just a small passage with two openings on the west side connecting video rental and GW Cellular.
The parking lot
It is South of the stores listed above.
The parking lot runs from the west boarder in front of the jewelery store, candy store and part of video rental.
The Parking lot is a open area with a few cars and light poles scattered through out.
GW Cellular
This is east of the parking lot and south of Video Rental.
it has 2 entry points on the west side. The northern one leads to the Connected Servess area while the southern 1 leads to the store room.
It also has a set of doors and a window that can break on the eastern side.
Inside this store area are several displays of phones and a customer counter.
The store room
This is east of GW Cellular.
It has 2 points of entry.
West is the entry to GW Cellular. East is the truck.
Inside, its a simple area with a set of wooden boxes and that is it.

The Southern stores of the strip mall

South of these starting in the south west corner is the renovated business, more parking lot and the shoe store.

The Renovated Business
This has 2 points of entry. To the north is a broken window and to the east is a set of broken doors.
inside, it is a rough square with a few lots of construction supplies scattered.
The parking lot
It is to the east of the renivated business, and west of the shoe store.
This part of the parking lot is the north south section of the L shape.
this has a few more cars and light poles scattered in it.
The shoe store
it is to the east of the parking lot.
It has 2 points of entry. north is an entry to the servess alley, and to the west an opening to the parking lot.
It also has several windows on the west side that can break.
Inside is a few check outs and several displays of different types of shoes.
small servess alley
It is between GW Cellular and the Shoe store.
It has an opening to the south to the shoe store, and 1 to the west to the parking lot.
There is nothing inside the alley.

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