Smoke's worked on / to do list

This is simply an unformatted html page that shows what I've been working on. This is partly for me, and also partly for others to see what BSG site updates are getting worked on.

August 7 and 8

streams of alter aeon and hades.

August 4 - 6 2021

hades audio guides have started, now to edit and upload to the site.

august 1st 1 - august 3 2021

played alter, this is only in prep for the stream on the 7th, not because I wanted to...not at all...nope. did the rough draft for vale giveaways later in the month. had to fix sstream archives for brokenPGA stream to be a .5 stream for patreons only. streamed PGA 2k21 on the first

The mailing list

The old mailing list has been abanndoned, the interface became completely unaccessible. You can register on the blog and in doing so you will be signed up for the new mailing list.

Visit the registration page for the BSG Blog

Support on Patreon to keep the lights on

If you enjoy BSG and what we bring, then could you Please consider supporting us on Patreon? The last thing I want to do is put up adds on the site, so instead there is a BSG Patreon page. even if you can only do one dollar a month it will help, I really do mean that. There are also perks for different tiers of Patreon supporters, like having your name on a bsg page.

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