Blind Ninja's Guide For The dial

In this section, I will do my best to document what this secret in 18-3 actually affects.


If set to 9, possibly other numbers as well, Where the abicus spawns will be many insects which will drop sharp splinters.


If set to 9, the hyper sniper rifle will spawn if you land.

18.2, landing spot

If set between 0 and 3: The landing spot will contain a mixture of red paint, nuts, and sharp splinters.

If set between 4 and 6: UFO catcher items will constantly fall until you exit the level via the door on the right.

If set between 7 and 9: Trash items from stage 12 will constantly fall until you exit the level.

Note:Those last two are very useful for crafting.


If set to 3: The vulcan minigun will drop here, with some ammo.

If set to 6: Lots of 7.62 ammo.

If set to 8: A huge piece of iron will be found here.

Anything else: The spin sword may be collected.


If set to 3, 5, or 7: The battleship will drop the gravity killer weapon.