Blind Ninja's BK3 Secrets & Other Fun Things

It kinda goes without saying, but this section contains many, many spoilers. This section is intended to be a full, comprehensive list of the game's hidden and fun things for those who are looking for one specific thing, or just want info. Each item here has a title of my own, as well as the level it appears in if applicable. I deeply enjoyed discovering these, some aside from sources I no longer remember unfortunately.

Go, My Child!

In any level, hold K and O, then press N to summon a helpful cat who will start chasing enemies and hunting them down with deadly force. Note however that you will not get any experience for it's kills. The cat, if it kills everything in it's range will come back to you and run around you in circles.

Pressing enter if it is in range will bring up a menu to control it, the options are fairly self explanatory.

The Box Of Doom

Level: 1.1

Remember that striped box that's in the staff room? You can't get to it at first, but after stage 8 is done and you have your magic hook you can. Don't break it though, or do, either way... See below for a bit more on it.

The Thieving Vending Machine

Level: 3.3

This thing appears after you've cleared the game, and I believe you must be playing on a higher difficulty than normal for it to show up. It says 500 coins... but it will eat your money. Luckily though you do at least get more of the items if it takes a thousand coins. If it takes less than 500, you'll just get a very entertaining scene.

You get threat mist from this, which means in level 10.3 you won't have to attack the demons to make them run to the objective.

Sunny Skies... Oh Holy Shit!

Level: 5.3

You require 3500 paper dolls for this. Replay this level, and you'll replay 5.2, but run up against much stronger enemies and epic music, with a tree at position 300. At the top of this tree is the fortune light weapon.

How Did This Get Here?

Level: 6.1

After you've unlocked the stage 13 shop, buy a weapon carrier and replay level 6.1. You'll notice something there that wasn't there before, pick it up.

The Mysterious Switch

Level: 6.1

After completing stage 6, you are able to land in this level at coordinate 120, approximately. Note this switch for later, as you can only press it after you have completed stage 16, aka have a huge coil in your collection items. If you attempt to before that, nothing will happen.

Land and press the switch. Then if you replay stage 15 or 16 you will have an option in your T menu to have a yoyo dropped to your location.

The Chopper Above The Clearing Clouds

Level: 6.2

Make 500 paper dolls in the crafting workshop, and replay this level. You should get a text box that wasn't there... fly upward. Boss music! Take out the FT chopper, and get it's machine gun with a weapon carrier. The chopper's machine gun is fastly superior to yours and can wrek you if you don't have massive amounts of endurance or aren't careful.

Too Many Boxes!

Level: 6.2

You are able to land in this level at coordinate 500. You will find a river for clean water, and many small boxes. If you come back for a second round after taking those boxes, there will be something else waiting for you as well.

Shoes In The Sky?

Level: 6.3

You require tobacco in your collection items for this to work, which you can get in stage 12 at the earliest. Ignore Bitto's instructions, and do not press L. Fly to the end of the level to get a nice surprise.

Aaaaaaaaah! Oh Wait...

Level: 6.4

In the main walkthrough, I said jump the gap at 66. I am unsure if this was intentional or a bug, but if you fall through it, you will not die or take fall damage. So it is quite the shortcut.

Behind The door

Level: 7.1

The first time you play through the level, this door is not accessible. After stage 8 however, this is where you can find either the mysterious abicus, or a hoard of insects that drop sharp thorns for you to craft with. You find the password in stage 12, on a memo on Japanese paper. But for those who really, really want it early.

The password is: 56561175656

Death From Above!

Level: 7.3

There is a platform at coordinate 10 that you can stand on and just hit the soldiers with any vertically-ranged weapon, laser saber comes to mind and they won't be able to do anything to you.


Level: 7.4

After you've beaten the game and changed the difficulty, Carla will drop this item, which quiets the volume of your guns slightly.

The Ninja

Level: ninja's shop, stage 7

The shop itself isn't the secret, however there are a couple different things that can happen here

Phantom Knives

Level: 8.1

I am unsure if this is random or actually incluenced by something, but on occasion you will find throwing knives in this level.

Stone Hopping

Level: 8.1

You require jump shoes or high jump shoes for this. Remember the watery break area between the 2 main parts of the level? Turn on your compact sonar and you'll notice there is a place to hook up. Do so.

Friendly Fire!

Level: 8.2

I'm not entirely sure if this was intended or not, However the mini demons in this level still drop coins. So while you're not supposed to kill them, if you do this stage is nice to grind for some extra funds, just make sure at least one soldier stays alive.

Why Did I Not See Those On My Way In?

Level: 9.1

When doing the 3 screens, change the first one to the chainsaw instead of the flame thrower, and exit the room. In the central room, you'll automatically pick up something new.

Attack Like An Insect!

Level: 9.1

You should just see this on your way out, but I'm marking it here for completeness. The needle launcher weapon is at coordinate 10, use a speed potion to get it if you want it.

Hey Cool, Free Stuff!

Level: 9.3

In the second switch room, press the switch and scan to the left side of the map. You'll find some light pieces.

Hey, What's That Over The... Oo! Shiny!

Level: 10.4

Look in your object info menu in the first part of the level, before the container is closed. This item is what lets you open the striped box from level 1.1, and you will find something inside.

The Laser Of Doom, And Maybe A Sniper Rifle.

Level: 14.3

It is possible to land in 14.3 in the screen after the last wave of jets, at coordinate 100. You will find the gigavolt laser here, and possibly a couple other things depending on other conditions, see below.

Am I supposed to be able to get up here?

Level: 16.3

It is possible to jump up on top of the roof you start under if you go to coordinate 1.

Item Rain

Level: 18.2

You can land in this level at coordinate 900. Depending on the setting of The Dial, you will find specific things here.

The Dial That Does All

Level: 18.3

In the first screen of 18.3, land to find this. It goes from 0 to 9, and affects several things, primarily 14.3, 18.2, and 19.1 as far as I've found. See below for a possibly complete list.

Go to the page dedicated to the dial

Who put that over there?

Level: 19.1

Depending on the setting of the dial in 18.3, you can find several different things here.

Don't blow up the door just yet...

Level: 20.1

Exactly what it sounds like, keep exploring! There is much more to be found, including a couple light pieces, some super shuriken, a new weapon or maybe 2...

The red paintball launcher and super laser cutter may be found here.

The Almighty Ball

Level: 20.3

Once the game has been completed, you'll be able to actually get up here. Notice if you pass the target wall with the magical ball you hit for the normal stage, a floating structure above your head a bit further in at coordinate 40. Up we go with the super UFO, blow that up, and get ready for what I believe is the most interesting fight of the game.

Note. If you're just getting here after finishing normal, be prepared to have to cheese and get no experience, or otherwise get completely owned.

Ultimate Hammer Of Death

Level: 20.4

If you complete this level on super wolf mode or higher with the dial set to 3, 5 or 7, the gravity killer weapon will be found here.

That's... not the right password... run! Oo, what's that over there?

Level: 21.3

Deliberately enter a wrong password at the door, then look at the object info menu to find something cool that spawned at the very beginning of the level.

Uh... what?

Level: 21.4

Why would a giant insect be carrying that? This only occurs after you've finished the game, see the ninja for details.

Last Weapons

Level: 25-5

Defeat the Life Burner on powerful wolf mode or above to obtain the chaos flare.

Defeat the Master Battery on hell mode or above for the warp launcher.