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Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 1 part 1 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 1 Part 1

the first floor, southern building

Alright! here we are. Note that the attacking insects can hurt you rather badly to start off if you get hit more than once by needles before you can finish one off for your first level, so try to take one out ASAP to get some much needed defense, or more HP. Either or will help. Take some time to get used to jumping over attacks here too if you need to. The slimes take a few more hits to kill at this time than is strictly convenient, so either be prepared to either do a lot of running backward, or just run straight past them. Also before you do anything, remember to access your weapon menu, select the short sword you were given, and press 1 to set it to that equip slot for easier drawing, and probably press enter as well to equip it this first time, because who wants to use a club when you have a sword? Sorry folks, no hammer time... for those who know what I'm talking about you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway! Start heading right, killing or avoiding enemies to your heart's content, I'd recommend the former for the extra XP and coins which will come in handy later and you'll come across a door, enter it.

Take note of the box above you when you enter this room, you can't do anything with it now but later, you can come back. Note the large box in the far right part of the room. Bust it open like the game tells you if you press enter on it but be careful not to get too trigger happy, and you'll get a few new weapons.

The bat and sasumata I personally don't end up using much, but the plate launcher, though it has a tech requirement of 5 will come in very handy for the first few stages, especially since it's your strongest weapon at the moment. If you run out of plates, replay this level and you will find another box in this room with more. Now check out the desk, grab the keys, and... contaaaaact! Kill them all or let them shoot each other, both work. Grab the gold, and head out. If you say no to taking the keys, you will also be mobbed. You can use this if you wish for some early grinding.

Alright, next door. Hop up to the top of the platforms and drop down to your right, you should land at 33,5. Take two steps to 35, 4, press up arrow to jump and immediately start moving right, and you'll hopefully land with the platform with the iron balls just a short hop away. I cannot stress just how useful the object info menu is in this game, it knows all, it is all powerful. Also take some time to mess around with the camera here to learn how it works, if you wish. Be warned, if you go for the coins on the right getting back can sometimes be a bit of a problem. But in an ideal world, you should be able to jump from coordinate 36, wait until the peek of your jump and move 1 left to land back on the starting platform. Out the door we go! The third door may be ignored, it's locked at the moment. Climb the ladder to finish.

I'm gonna try to keep most levels shorter than this was, but no promises.

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