Guides For Stage 11 Part 1

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 11 part 1 of BK3.

Audio Player for Stage 11 Part 1

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 11 Part 1


Alright, cooperative battle! Note that Carla's attacks can't hit you but yours can hit her, and if she dies the game is over. This first level gives you a chance to not have her fight with you, but you might as well. Collect the remote medical kits that are on platforms at either side of the level to heal her if her health gets low, when you use them a syringe is fired in the direction you're facing. Note that these also can heal enemies.

Also be aware of the falling rocks, which will do 300 damage to you regardless of defense if you're in the splash range.

Final note, all levels in this stage end when the last enemy is defeated, no matter if there are objects you haven't picked up or not.

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