Guides For Stage 17 Part 2

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 17 part 2 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 17 Part 2

Carry On

Note that cart that's literally right below you as you start. Drop down as it turns around, and carry on. Watch the next cart at height 21, wait for it to turn back and drop down to height 10 yourself.

Back left we go, drop to heiht 0 and continue right. Ignore that ladder, just hop over the low wall. Do watch out for the cart after the next wall though if it happens to be on it's leftward trip, but continue on if it's not. You could also hook up to height 10, but you have to drop down to avoid the cart at height 12 anyways so that's kinda pointless.

Watch the cart on the platform at height 5... it can and will see you from up there so hook up to height 18. Watch for the last cart, drop down and enter the door.

Oh dear... cart coming up, nowhere to run. Take it out as fast as possible to avoid any unfortunate accidents. If you have lime balls, use them, because the range on those is actually slightly higher than their sight range so if you can time it right, you can get a few free shots in. Weapon of choice here for myself, arrow shot.

Alternative strategy, hacks technique.

Remember those small boxes that create a platform for you to stand on? Use 6 of those, wait for the cart to turn around because it can't see you, and take it out with whatever you want.

Note: Visit the secrets section on how to get more boxes.

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