Guides For Stage 19 Part 1

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 19 part 1 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 19 Part 1

Entering the cave

Yay, no death mountain this time, thankfully. This is just a platforming level, although a decently complicated one. There are a few different paths one can take, but here is mine.

Drop down from the starting platform one platform at a time, all the way down to the bottom, keep moving right. Short hop up the first platform, hook up and drop down on to the second, jump to the third, and drop back down to 0.

Hook up once you hit the wall, nowhere else to go... proceed down the small gap, drop down to the left, right, left... etc until you're back on the ground.

Proceed right to 212, 8. Use a couple of those boxes assuming you have some, And jump to the top of the wall, then drop down for some minor fall damage. Or if not, you have to hook up to the small floating platform, then jump right exactly 4 tiles to the top of the wall. If you overshoot, you'll die. You can also go all the way up to a long, but dangerous platform with many holes. If you chose either of the first two, the rest of the level is a simple mix of jump over the walls, or up depending on the place, and keep moving to the right until you're out.

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