Guides For Stage 19 Part 4

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 19 part 4 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 19 Part 4

grudges and Hatred

Ack! Zombie! Se the breakdown for details on its attacks. But use whatever you have to take it out. The buster blade or super hammer are always options here because it moves so slow, or you can just use the arrow shot or other far reaching weapons if you want to stay safe. Once it's armor is destroyed, nothing normal will work... but.

For any RPG players... what always does massive amounts of damage to undead monsters, instead of doing what it normally does? There's also a person in the tent who hints at this, but... spoilers!

Shoot it with a couple remote medical kits to finish the job.

Note for the first form. The power bomb launcher actually works very well for this, but be warned, use another weapon to finish the last bit of it's health, because the power bomb launcher will not give experience.

Stat points

  • Attack: 330

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